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Dr Ben Lynch has the ability to help one master the understanding of genomics and methylation by making the extraordinary surprisingly simple! Although based heavily in science, Ben’s common sense approach to these complex pathways makes it easy for clinicians to make sound decisions for their patients.  Whether you are dealing with an easy or tough case, this knowledge will enhance your skills and no doubt improve outcome. His lectures are a MUST for any clinician.


Medical Director True Health Medical Center / Founder Pure Compounding Pharmacy

Before, I would see a patient and say, “We can do all these tests and will try some different therapies.  We’re not born with an instruction booklet on individual genetic variances and how people should support each one so we’re gonna try it and see how you do.”
Now, after going to Dr Lynch’s conferences I tell patients, “We actually have a beginning of an instruction booklet that fits you specifically.”
It has helped my practice tremendously. I can really tailor my treatment protocol more individually to the genetic variants people have or don’t have. His work is pretty much a foundational peace in my practice and allows me to get that much more effective with each patient that I see.

Heidi Hook, ND

Auburn Naturopathic Medicine

Before getting into Nutrigenomics I thought I was living a healthy organic lifestyle. Once I looked for a teacher, Ben Lynch was the didactically best teacher to be found far and wide. If I knew 5-10 years ago what I know now, I could have helped save several lives around me. My experience since then is that with a Homozygous C677T and not on an adapted diet, people run a high risk of cardiovascular disease in their 50’s. I am now able to recognize this, explain it with the help of StrateGene and the pathway planner and consult my clients on how to prevent and reduce multiple other risk factors at the same time. Thank you, Dr. Lynch!

Jan Kielmann MS, CNS, IFMCPc

Dr. Ben Lynch is a pioneer in the field of epigenetics. His information is evidence-based and clinically relevant. It would be very easy for him to just jump on the bandwagon of supplements for SNPs. However, he does not do that. He is on the forefront of the most cutting-edge medicine and changing the future for the better.  To providers needing help creating a truly individualized care plan for their patients, don’t hesitate train with Dr Lynch. To patients confused about what their genetic information means, look no further! The best part is he truly cares about helping others and that is his main driver.

Bonus: if you want to know how to put cold wet socks on your feet to cure disease, ask Ben. If you want to find his doppelgänger then watch Parenthood.

Yousef Elyaman, MD, IFMCP

Absolute Health

When Dr Ben Lynch came into my field of thought, it really was an evolutionary thing in the sense that we’ve always talked about how enzymes work and how nutrients act as cofactors. But that’s been in the theoretical realm. It’s very real. it’s very measurable. It’s very applicable.  I can work with patients in a way that helps them achieve more effective results with their nutrients. It is scientifically informing the dynamic nature of nutrition and how that can be used to change people’s lives for the better. To the degree that Ben has clarified what is otherwise a very complex field and made it applicable to the average clinician like myself, I’m very very grateful. I would encourage everyone to visit his site and start to you learn how they too can use epigenetics, nutritional genomics and just good common sense to improve their overall health.

Ron Hunninghake, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Riordan Clinic

I’m happy to tell you that the patients get better now instead of getting worse. It’s incredible what Dr Ben has taught me and what he’s teaching other physicians.

Robert Mathis, MD

Baseline Health

While there is no Magic Bullet for all health problems, the knowledge and wisdom I have gained as a physician from Dr. Lynch has been invaluable in caring for my patients. This has been both a personal Journey for my own family with MTHFR and a mission for my patients. With research constantly uncovering methylation links in various disease processes, the future is bright for those who understand methylation. I continue to follow Dr. Lynch’s work and look forward to his new book.

Eric Potter, MD

As a doctor, your research and teaching have allowed me to help so many patients with chronic problems that they previously just had to live with – I started with autism and Lyme, but have seen it help with everything from food and chemical sensitivities to chronic unexplained pain to anxiety and depression. I am so grateful that you do this work!

Anne Van Couvering, ND


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