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If you’ve wondered why folic acid is or is not as good as methylfolate, then you will be stunned at the evidence brought forth in this 80 minute video presentation by Dr Lynch, an expert on the MTHFR defect and becoming further knowledgeable on the vast subject of methylation. You will also get a first hand look at what methyl trapping is and how it is caused – along with how to prevent it. New findings about the MTHFR snp is also discussed in detail – along with how it is indirectly involved with the CBS enzyme. Immediately upon purchasing, you will receive a link to download. On this downloadable PDF, you will clearly see a link to watch the presentation. Feel free to share it with family, friends and your doctors. (Please do not post the link to the video on the web. Do respect the time and effort Dr Lynch put into this presentation). BONUS: Included is the entire presentation on PDF so you can review the slides on your own time if you like. You may also watch the presentation as often as you like – whenever you like. NOTE: Dr Lynch is constantly researching and his findings will be presented via articles, podcasts and videos – and – in conferences.
Overview of this 80 Minute In Depth Video Presentation:

  1. What is Folate?
  2. Explain folate metabolism
  3. Explain the importance of folate metabolism
  4. Identify the necessary factors needed for folate metabolism
  5. Define MTHFR Identify the prevalence of MTHFR defects in the population and who is most at risk
  6. Identify common associated conditions and disorders which are linked to MTHFR.
  7. Provide basic methods to support the MTHFR enzyme despite the defect Identify the commonly prescribed medications and supplements for bypassing the MTHFR enzyme.
  8. Identify and Explain the common side effects experienced by those supporting the MTHFR enzyme
  9. How to lessen the side effects commonly seen with MTHFR support
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
03:25 – What is folate?
05:40 – Functions of folate
08:00 – Does Folic Acid = Folate?
09:25 – What’s the difference between Folic Acid and methylfolate?
11:08 – How does Folic Acid get converted to methylfolate?
13:23 – Recap
14:58 – Coconut crab break
15:28 – What is MTHFR and why do we care about it?
18:27 – What are MTHFR SNPs?
20:35 – How much loss of function is there with MTHFR SNPs? Does a single gene mutation mean disease is inevitable?
24:10 – What happens with decreased MTHFR activity?
27:35 – Just some of the conditions caused by MTHFR defects…there are a lot!
31:00 – Which ethnic groups are most at risk for MTHFR mutations?
34:14 – How do you test for MTHFR? What are the warning signs that I should be tested?
38:28 – What does a sample MTHFR lab test look like? Why just test with MTHFR? Why not just treat with methylfolate?
41:00 – I’ve tested positive for MTHFR…now what? Just supplement with L-5-MTHF?
42:20 – What is methyl trapping?
45:20 – Why is stomach acid important for folate absorption?
46:50 – How do you maximize folate and B12 absorption?
49:30 – What happens if you take too much folic acid from fortified foods?
51:48 – Are you eating way too much folic acid?
52:28 – How do you know you are eating too much folic acid or taking too much L-5-MTHF?
54:00 – Exactly what does “normal” mean on a lab test anyway?
55:38 – Common drugs to avoid with MTHFR
59:20 – Why you CANNOT use Nitrous Oxide if you have an MTHFR mutation.
1:02:55 – Common prescription medications used for MTHFR mutations and which ones are best and which ones could be hurting you
1:04:36 – Which forms of methylfolate should you take for MTHFR mutations? Are you taking the right racemic blend?
1:06:00 – Which primary nutrients support MTHFR?
1:11:39 – How should I start supplementation and how do I know if it is working?
1:13:45 – What are common side effects of methylfolate?
1:14:05 – How should I deal with side effects of methylfolate?
1:14:40 – What if I have zero tolerance to methylcobalamin and/or methylfolate? Could I have the mutation and feel absolutely fine?
1:17:00 – How does high dose folic acid affect the SAM:SAH ratio?
1:18:18 – So what is the good news? Is there good news? Hint – yes!

If you’ve wondered why folic acid is not nearly as good as methylfolate, then prepare to be stunned by the evidence brought forth in this 80 minute video presentation by Dr Lynch, an expert on the MTHFR defect and methylation.

“Excellent information Dr Lynch – thanks for making this available to all. I know how hard you worked to research, learn and prepare these materials to share. You truly are a beacon of light in the world of MTHFR.”Sacha Elliot
This video gave me a very thorough background review and understanding of MTHFR defects. If you want to know more about it or you have it, this video is a MUST SEE! My son has the 1298c mutation and some CBS mutations as well, so I would love a sequel that goes into that combination a bit more. Thanks Dr. Lynch for all your help. I look forward to learning more from you!Suzanne