Histamine Intolerance and Probiotics? Careful. 5/5 (6)

Unexplained causes of various symptoms is frustrating.

There it is again.

“What the heck? Why am I feeling this way?”

It’s easy knowing that if we drink too much alcohol, we pay the price with dizziness, headaches and may be bowing to the porcelain God later on in the evening.

We remedy this by choosing how much we drink and typically we stop while it is still enjoyable.

It is not always this easy – far from.

What if you’re going on about your life and you get numerous symptoms that have no explanation?

Doctors not getting it.

Imagine you’re experiencing these and have NO CLUE WHY:

  • dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • migraines,
  • irritability,
  • difficulty falling asleep,
  • runny nose,
  • bloody nose,
  • exercise-induced asthma,
  • sweaty feet,
  • asthma,
  • alternating high / low blood pressure,
  • eczema,
  • horrific seasonal allergies,
  • periodic loose stools (diarrhea to be blunt),
  • leaky gut

That would be awful right?

That was me – nearly every single one with the exception of asthma and migraines.

Is it you?

How would you like to actually KNOW what may be contributing to ALL of these?

Histamine intolerance.

What contributes hugely to histamine intolerance?

Your microbiome.

Yes – yours.

There are many strains of bacteria which actually produce histamine.

We will get into this in a moment – but first we have to set the stage.

Is histamine all bad?

It’s good to have histamine in your stomach as it stimulates stomach acid.

It’s good to have histamine in your small intestine as it stimulates motility (movement of your stool).

It’s good to have histamine in your small intestine as it stimulates immune response.

It is NOT good to have TOO much histamine in your gut.

Too much histamine in your digestive tract leads to:

  • increased immune response
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • diarrhea (faster motility)
  • GERD / acid reflux


Did you say acid reflux and GERD is associated with high histamine?

I thought it was high stomach acid?

I thought it could also be low stomach acid.

It varies.

There are some types of GERD / acid reflux that are associated with high histamine.

“Histamine 2 blockers (also called H2 blockers) target a substance called histamine. The result is that your stomach makes less acid, which cuts down on heartburn. You can get these products in a lower strength as OTC medications, and at a higher strength as prescription drugs.”- WebMD

If you are taking these medications and seeing improvement in your acid reflux / heartburn, then you have higher histamine in your stomach:

  • Famotidine (Pepcid as a prescription, Pepcid-AC as an OTC medication)
  • Cimetidine (Tagamet and Tagamet-HB)
  • Nizatidine (Axid and Axid AR)
  • Ranitidine (Zantac and Zantac 75)

source: WebMD

How are histamine levels managed in your gut?

Your DAO enzyme lives in your small intestine.

It cannot live in your stomach as your stomach is way too acidic.

In your small intestine, DAO gets ‘dirty’ easily and cannot handle the histamine load produced by your microbiome.

So – the histamine gets absorbed.

“Impairment of DAO activity either due to genetic predisposition, gastrointestinal diseases, or due to medication with DAO inhibitors results in high histamine blood levels, which consequently overload the internal hepatic inactivation system of histamine-N methyltransferase, and leads to histamine intolerance causing numerous symptoms mimicking an allergic reaction even after the ingestion of small amounts of histamine tolerated by healthy individuals.” source.

Where does the excess histamine produced by your microbiome go?

Your blood.

Think about it.

If your microbiome is producing histamine at levels exceeding your body’s ability to break it down via the DAO enzyme, it has to go somewhere.


Once it hits your blood, goes everywhere.

Your nose, arms, legs, brain, skin – it’s no wonder that histamine has such diverse effects and creates a flurry of random symptoms.

The issue is the absorption of histamine from your digestive system into your blood is delayed. This delay makes it very tough to pin point. Some days you tolerate it ok and some days you don’t.

I know what you’re thinking….

“How can I lower the histamine in my blood?”

Well – there are many things you can do.

This is the wrong question though.

You should be asking, “How can I reduce how much histamine from my gut is absorbed into my blood?”


“How do I lower the histamine in my gut?”

There it is!

By altering your microbiome.

By providing your microbiome with bacteria which:

  • blunt your response to histamine
  • do not produce histamine
  • degrade and breakdown histamine

Which probiotic strains reduce histamine?

  • Bifidobacter strains – some more than others
  • Certain lactobacillus strains – some more than others and some are also the opposite of what you want.

After a few years of research, I’ve identified which strains of probiotics support those with histamine intolerance.

Then I combined them into a unique formulation.

After months of testing on people all over the country, I’m now confident to release it to the public.

The results have been phenomenal.

For me. My sons. My friends. Many of my colleagues and people who I never met but were given some samples of it by their health professional.

All had a reduction in their histamine-related symptoms.

ProBiota HistaminX.

ProBiota = “in favor of a healthy habitat / environment”

HistaminX = “supporting a healthy histamine response”

histamine probiotic

What is in ProBiota HistaminX?

Probiotic Blend (10 billion† CFUs per capsule)
Bifidobacterium infantis
Bifidobacterium bifidum
Bifidobacterium longum
Lactobacillus salivarius
Lactobacillus plantarum
Bifidobacterium lactis
Bifidobacterium breve 

How to use ProBiota HistaminX?

When remodeling the microbiome, it can lead to various symptoms.

  • gas
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • altered time of day for bowel movements

I originally had it 20 billion count per capsule in the testing samples. I reduced it to 10 billion count per capsule for a few reasons:

  • easier to swallow for children
  • more cost efficient
  • less remodeling side effects (gas, bloating, altered time for bowel movements)

One needs to talk with their health professional if ProBiota HistaminX is right for them and at what dose to take.

Here is what I did and how I use ProBiota HistaminX:

  • I took anytime of day I wanted to support a reduction in my symptoms of histamine intolerance. It’s in an acid-resistant capsule so one doesn’t need to take it with food.
  • I took 20 billion (which is now 2 capsules) to have a more immediate impact. However, it altered my microbiome a bit too well and caused me to have no bowel movement for a day which is unusual for me. So I recommend considering using only 10 billion (1 capsule) as an initial remodeling amount to minimize the microbiome remodeling effect.
  • Any time I had a ‘histamine’ response, I took one. The most I took one day was three capsules. That happened once and in the beginning when I was really putting my histamine to the test with vinegar, grape juice, wine, cheese.
  • I take one nightly before bed.

What changed for me when taking ProBiota HistaminX

  • I used to get a ‘burnt’ tongue when eating or drinking anything with histamine in it. Now not at all unless I really push it with high amounts. Before I couldn’t touch my tongue to vinegar, avocado, lime, banana. Now I eat all these without any issue.
  • Sweaty feet. I used to have sweaty feet all the time. It was annoying. Gone.
  • Irritable after eating histamine foods. Gone.
  • Freedom. I used to restrict my diet and drinks to low histamine. It was ok. I was used to it. Now I have opened up my life to a wider array of foods again which is great. This means not only more interesting meals but also less likely to react to other foods.
  • Less hungry. I am digesting my foods better. I have not tested but I believe I am absorbing nutrients better and my previous likely leaky gut has been improved.

How will ProBiota HistaminX help you?

I look forward to hearing!

Share your experiences below as you have them!

Get your bottle of ProBiota HistaminX from Seeking Health here.

Any questions, ask me below – or reach out to my amazing team at Seeking Health!

Another fantastic formulation which took years – and testing – and now you finally have access to it!

I was not going to make it available if it didn’t change my life for the better.

It did.

Now I want it to improve yours!



(Main image source)

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Comments 137

  1. Your tireless research efforts are much appreciated! I’ve been on a quest for the last 5 years to support my health and identify areas for improvement despite countless physicians chalking my symptoms up to anxiety. I’ve never disagreed with that diagnosis, however, I saw anxiety as a symptom of something more. I plan to try this supplement in an effort to reduce increased heart rate/palpitations often occurring following meals or out of the blue following a drink or even a light, healthy snack. Following a strict flourless/sugar free diet has been the only mechanism to provide relief. Though I don’t mind this lifestyle, it would be incredibly satisfying to rid my body of this anxiety provoking symptom. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Tammy –

      I think you are on to something.

      If you are responding to food this way – yes – histamine may absolutely be a factor.

      It is not fun limiting your diet so much. I am confident ProBiota HistaminX is going to help many people as it did for me and about 15 others.

      Do follow up and let me know here 😉

      I would also highly recommend Optimal Electrolyte to support your electrolytes and potassium. The orange flavor is better for those with higher histamine.

    1. Post

      Hi Mary – yes it will. We have large distributors in the UK. Detox People is one and I’m confident they will be offering it. We just got it in our warehouse so he won’t have it quite yet.

  2. Looks like another great product, congrats!
    Not got into histamine for myself yet but I have a question
    noticed you talked of sweaty feet being an issue, what about a condition hyperhidrosis that a person is born with, related or separate?

    1. Post
      1. What about the redness, rash around and from the nose and around mouth? It has worsened since I added probiotics. Will this help?

        1. Post
  3. I am a non secretor and have tested my gut flora. I had very little Lacto and no Bifido. I am taking prebiotics. Has anyone, who is a non secretor, had success using your ProBiota HistaminX? Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Dawn –

      I am not sure. It is too new. I wouldn’t narrow it down this much though. If you have low healthy flora, then you may be low also in prebiotics. ProBiota HistaminX has some inulin to help support the lacto and bifido strains. I imagine as a non-secretor, you may have to take it more frequently.

    1. Post
  4. Thank you Dr. lynch. I am hopeful it will help my rash that’s all over my body:-(. I thought it as probably hormones since I’m 67 and maybe it is, but I am going to try this to see if it improves. Another great product/resource from you.

    1. Post

      Hi Sharon –

      A rash could be high histamine partially yes. It’s hard to say – many things. Could also be imbalanced fatty acids, liver congestion, food intolerances.

      I’d imagine the ProBiota HistaminX to help but I don’t think it is the ‘magic bullet.’ – I suspect something more significant such as the things mentioned above in addition.

  5. My histamine was “normal” in my annual blood work however for the past 4 years I’ve been having frequent heart fluttering, sometimes brief tychardia. Went through the whole cardiologist review and all looked fine. No structural issues, etc. I had several stress tests done. Could this be histamine related? I’m 45 and MTHFR heterozygous. Would this be safe to try?

    Also my 5 YO is a MTHFR Homozygous and 9 YO Heterozygous like me. 9 YO diagnosed with ADHD. Safe for them to try as well?

    1. Post

      Hi Rebecca – having a ‘normal’ histamine means nothing. Many people have ‘normal’ histamine levels because it is processed so fast by the body but the symptoms persist.

      That could be histamine related.

      Could also be environmentally related – I’ve seen it related to tree pollens.

      Could also be low potassium. Have you tried Optimal Electrolyte? I would actually consider this first.

      I’d also consider Carnitine.

      If you were to pick one, I’d say Optimal Electrolyte.

      Yes, ProBiota HistaminX is very safe to use on children.

    1. Post

      Hi Sam – it is a great strain. My manufacturer didn’t have it and I didn’t want to delay production any longer. Since the samples I tested for months worked well, we launched it as is. I will likely be adding it in. I do not have concerns about TMAO. That’s a sign of dysbiosis and I do not believe this strain produces that in high amounts. Do you have sources saying otherwise?

    1. Post

      Why? Inulin is a prebiotic. While inulin does contain fructans, there is not much inulin in ProBiota HistaminX. You ask how much of inulin is in there. It is not like you are drinking apple juice which is very high in fructose.

      1. Inulin cause a lot of problems for people especially those with SIBO and significant dysbiosis – its not the best prebiotic to use for people with very sensitive guts

        1. Post
  6. Hi Dr. Lynch, I have extremely bad histamine reactions to foods. Just had recent blood work done and found out my whole blood histamine is 236 & homocysteine level is 5.1. I’m homozygous c677t and have SO many other mutated snp’s, COMT, MAO, CBS, etc. Do you think these formulas would help me? I’m basically only able to eat a couple different foods right now, low sulfur, low FODMAP, low histamine & it’s causing me to get a bit insane. Thanks for your help!

    1. Post
      1. I used D-Lactate free probiotics from Custom Probiotics. No fillers and the potency is significantly higher. Probiota has only 10 bill CFUs- that wont even make a dent

        1. Post

          It does make a dent. I used 20 billion and the results were amazing. I reduced to 10 billion so people can take a maintenance dose more affordably. If one has to take way more than 10 billion as a maintenance dose, then there is something else going on which has to be addressed. I used 20 billion for about a month and it was a massive difference in my health and many others. Every one is different so saying it won’t make a dent is nonsense. I’ve proven it. If I hadn’t, it wouldn’t be available on the market. I would have increased it or altered the formula.

          1. For most 20 bill isnt enough. The microbiome has over 1000 different species of bacteria on the order of trillions. For me i need a minimun of 200 bill CFUs daily to help with histamine and regularity. Also many people with histamine issues cant tolerate l.plantarum which in theory is a histamine degrading strain but it does bother a lot of people including myself.

          2. Post

            well then this is not your probiotic. As you mentioned earlier – you have an imbalanced microbiome and have to eliminate overgrowth. I had significant histamine issues as did others who used ProBiota HistaminX during our trial period. 200 billion daily is a sign of something significantly awry. L. plantarum works very well for those with histamine issues.

  7. I react to fillers. Would be great if you could make this in a powder form without fillers. Such a nightmare finding any supplement I can tolerate to help with this issue

    1. Post

      There are no artificial fillers. We do not use those. These are natural and supportive. Inulin is added on purpose to help the probiotics survive. It is there to nourish the probiotics. Without prebiotics, probiotics will not thrive.

      1. Any prebiotic included with a probiotic will just feed sibo or dysbiosis especially inulin which is the most fermentable prebiotic. Having a prebiotic in a probiotic formula is counterproductive and no studies show that it enhances the survival of the strains in the supplement. Again there are trillions of bacteria in the gut and over 1000 species and they will most assuredly consume any prebiotic very rapidly before the strains in the formula can get to it. Also stomach acid will reduce the viability of probiotics to some extent unless the supplement is microencapsulated or placed into an acid resistant capsule

        1. Post

          Eating will feed SIBO. Taking a probiotic with a little inulin will also feed SIBO. You are spewing nonsense saying there are no studies showing survivability.

          Here is one I found in 30 seconds –
          “inulin was shown to exert a protective effect on lactic acid bacteria (LABs) by stimulating their survival and activity during storage of the final product.”

          ProBiota HistaminX is in acid-resistant capsule.

  8. If there is someone who can’t swallow capsules, can they open it and take it? With or without food? Thank you for your response.

    1. Post
  9. Hi, I tested positive for histamine intolerance on a Diamine Oxidase blood test, have been in low histamine diet for yrs., and have SIBO w/acid reflux. My dr has had me try numerous different probiotics but my reflux just gets worse. I am thinking of trying your product. Any suggestions or thgts on a SIBO sufferer taking this product?

    1. Post
      1. Bile does not belong in the stomach and supplementation can irritate the stomach mucosa. Better to stimulate nature bile production. many people get gastritis from pyloric sphincter dysfunction and its not the acid but the bile backflow.

        1. Post

          It is better to support with natural bile – but that is not easy to do. By taking ox bile, people can experience relief from SIBO quite effectively and a number of health professionals are seeing this. Ox bile is not a cure – but it’s a great place to start. Then moving to supporting natural bile flow is needed for sure – using glycine, taurine, choline, visceral manipulation, lowering fats and carbohydrates and harmful bacteria.

  10. Hi Dr Lynch,
    Thank you for all you do! Both my husband and 5 yr old daughter are homozygous 1298 and they both itch a lot especially at night, have anxiety and irritability and suffer from insomnia. I suspect it’s histamine issues- would you recommend this product? Daughter has high candida and low adrenals too.
    Many thanks!!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  11. I am trying to find relief from my migraines. If histamine is the cause of them, how soon after starting this product would I see results? I am getting migraines about 3 – 4 times a week.

    1. Post

      Hi Shannon –

      Migraines are typically multi-dimensional and they have many causes.

      Histamine is one.

      Magnesium deficiency is another.

      Low NO and high NO are others.

      All depends.

      I highly recommend tracking your migraines and seeing what you can pinpoint for causes.

      Reducing histamine is a huge start and may help significantly.

      I would also look at increasing magnesium and electrolytes – so consider Optimal Electrolytes as well.

      Riboflavin deficiency is a big factor for migraine sufferers. Read the reviews about how our riboflavin is helping people:

      The 400 mg is perfect.
      I started taking this for two reasons: (1) my primary care doctor recommended 400 mg of riboflavin for headaches and (2) I have methylation issues and must take a pre-converted form. This fits the bill on both and has worked out well for me. Thank you.

      Review by Bobette (Posted on 8/25/2017)
      Decreases duration and severity of migraines
      I am taking Riboflavin on recommendation of my doctor. After about 60 days it has reduced the duration (usually 3 days) and severity (only manageable with prescription medication) of my migraines. I have been able to greatly reduce the consumption of prescription medication. Thank you.

      Review by Claudia (Posted on 12/18/2014)
      Migraine Relief
      I have suffered with migraines for about 5 years. After several doctors and treatments, including Nervie Blocks, Botox, and finally Neurosurgery.. I found an outstanding migraine dr. that suggested I take several vitamins to help my migraines. One of which was 400 mg. of B2/Riboflavin. I was finally able to locate this pure vitamin and required dosage on Seeking Health. I also have allergies to several ingredients found in other vitamin companies offerings. Seeking Health did not include these other ingredients and provided the required dosage in 1 pill. I also liked what their company represented. I have been taking this vitamin and others and have finally been migraine free. Thanks Seeking Health for giving me my life back, w/o adding side-effects and making me choose between migraines or allergies.

  12. Hi Dr Lynch, Thank you for the great info.! Would the ProBiota be helpful for those with autoimmune issues? My daughter had hives, sweaty feet, red face and increased mucus with exercise, raynauds and recently diagnosed with hashimotos. Could this product help modulate the immune system and decrease TPO antibodies? Is there any contraindications for using Optimal Electrolyte or safe for all? thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Mary –

      Yes. Histamine is commonly high in those with autoimmune disease.

      I would also highly recommend evaluating diet, lifestyle, environment, etc

      The best way to do this is by accessing the Dirty Genes Course which provides about 7 hours of practical and applicable information in a step-wise fashion.

      Optimal Electrolyte is tolerated quite well by many people. All – no. Nothing is tolerated by all people. I have not personally seen anyone or heard of anyone having an unfavorable response to our electrolyte; however, I suspect some have.

      Ribose can lower blood sugar in those sensitive so if this is the case, then drink it with a bit of food. I recommend the ‘orange’ flavor as the berry has a bit of histamine from the berries.

    1. Post

      Hi Sam – you need to support your gut motility and also gallbladder. SIBO will keep coming back until you address both of these. I like to use Ox Bile with food to help reduce SIBO. Do note that it can cause die-off and bloating.

      I also like to use visceral manipulation. Find a practitioner near you who specializes in it. Supporting with taurine and liver support is also great to help move bile.

  13. A probiotic alone will not restore the microbiome it will provide transient benefits and help control histamine release but its not a fix. The fix is eliminating candida, SIBO and parasites and then rebuilding your biome with proper nutrition and prebiotics. I have been taking high potency histamine-degrading probiotics for 2 years every day. if i stop for more than 2 days i get a histamine flare – my problem is candida so thats what im focusing on now

    1. Post

      That’s true that one must identify and eliminate infections in the gut – absolutely.

      Probiotics are a huge benefit. I also notice that if I consume a lot more sugar (Halloween recently) that will increase yeast, as a result, I am more histamine sensitive.

      Using the right probiotics are definitely more of a fix than most other things – such as over the counter medications and DAO enzymes. They are a great place to start and offer quite rapid benefit.

  14. Thank you Ben Lynch for all your great information and research. I am a huge fan of your supplements and recommend it for all my clients! I am an FDN-P and doctorate student at Maryland University of Integrative Health studying clinical nutrition. I am particularly interested in histamine, as I have Interstitial Cystitis and I am starting to specialize in it as well since many of my clients also have IC. I have learned that SIBO, gut dysfunction/dysbiosis and permeability are strong contributors to this illness. Many of us either have IBS or have a family member with it. Many of us have histamine intolerance and respond well to OTC allergy meds when we flare up. In addition, many of us are showing an unfavorable balance of Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes in our gut microbiome.

    I would love to start running some trials on this probiotic with patients with IC. If you know anyone who would like to help me run trials, please contact me at the email below. I would love to partner up with a few scientists and publish a study or review on these probiotic strains for the treatment or management of histamine-related symptoms due to IC.

    1. Post
    2. I too have IC and my Urologist mentioned my flare ups are related to estrogen receptors in my bladder. My IC has been in remission for 15 years but has been bothersome again for the last few months.
      I am homo1297 and take Seeking Health Multi and was looking for a DOA supplement. I’ve had itchy issues for a long time and have taken my share of Zyrtec, which I have read can make histamine response worse.
      Which histamine product would be best for me? I trying to limit my histamine rich foods also.

  15. Hi Dr Lynch, what do you think of VSL#3, there are a lot of positive pubmed publications about it. but it has 450 billion per each sachet, is that too much?

    1. Post
  16. Please consider alternative prebiotic to inulin. Check out BetterHealthGuy blog cast #23 at around the 54-55m mark. Kiran Krishnan mentions XOS, kiwi fiber. My girlfriend doesn’t react well to inulin and would otherwise benefit from this (hives). I am generally a fan of your supplements and purchase a few of them regularly.

  17. Hi Dr. Ben! The timing on this article couldn’t be any better! Short of genetic testing, I have done everything to fix my leaky gut and nothing has worked. Your explanations here make a lot of sense! When I take a high dose, wide spectrum probiotic (300 bill count with 30 different strains) my symptoms get much worse leading to increased fatigue, mood swings, and terrible brain fog and inability to concentrate. I already confirmed with a Neuroscience lab test my histamine levels are high and I’ll be having my first meeting with a practitioner who uses your StratGene program. I’m excited to discuss this with her! Thank you for your tireless work in getting the word out! I realize the results vary per individual, but how long are you typically observing it takes to re-seed and alter the microbiome with these good bacteria?

    1. Post

      I noticed improvement within 2 days personally. Most who took the samples I had experienced improvements within one day. This was at 20 billion per capsule which is now 2 capsules.

  18. I am celiac and don’t tolerate most probiotics. Had a horrible brain fog from fermented kefir water. Could I take this? Also what do you suggest to reduce yeast/ antifungal?

    1. Post

      Hi Laura –

      Few things to help with yeast/candida:
      Caprylic acid is the first supplement I’d reach for.

      One review of how it is working:
      Finally getting rid of the Candida
      My doctor recommended this product and I have been using it just over a month for Candida overgrowth. I am finally starting to feel better and my brain fog is lifting!! I would recommend for others to add this product in while dealing with a Candida overgrowth. Its made a huge difference for me.

      I believe the combination of Caprylic acid and ProBiota HistaminX.

      I would also consider healing your digestive tract with Optimal GI Powder.

      1. Hi Doc! and laura(for asking the question) Thanks, I was searching all the questions, so I wouldn’t be a repeat ask’r.
        I was searching for several things, Lyme Victim, MTHFR, and Candida(with Hiss). I found only one who mentioned Lyme, another mentioned BetterHealthGuy(probably Lyme Victim). But, my biggest interest was to see if there was any mention of Candida…cuz many don’t know that having Candida(yeast) is like an allergy that causes you to have “Hiss” issues. that’s my take. What I was looking for was you to mention some Candida help, thank you for that! In my case the sweaty smelly feet don’t happen, it (Candida) stops at between both my legs, and crazy as is, it’s worse on the side where I got bit by a tick in O8. When the “Hiss” is pissed, I get big round like hives where ever it wants to show, mostly on my right thigh where I’m having POTS symptoms. My biggest hurdle right now is getting the damn ringing of left ear to stop(meniere’s) I find playin’ with the Candida-Hiss issues plays with that. Yet the first two things on Lyme sites being infected with Lyme(again last year), Bartonella + Babs…is Bells Palsy and Meniere’s…lucky me, got both. Lysine helped the Bells and sharp pain in that ear…but the Meniere’s …being dizzy and falling down and puking in the throne every day for almost 12 months…somethings gotta give? who knew Lyme would be so much fun? Thanks Doc hope to get some …any..relief from your support!(products too)I also found “some” relief with Lipo C and as much exercise that I can handle, hard to put it all together, anyone mention why the Vit C helps?

        1. Post

          If higher histamine, vitamin C helps stabilize mast cells which reduces histamine release. Ear ringing can also be related to histamine. Fighting yeast overgrowth is also needed – and caprylic acid is great for that – as is dietary changes. Given your histamine symptoms, the ProBiota HistaminX may help quite well.

          1. Hi Doc, Wanted to thank you for your reply. Out of all the products I’ve tried for Candida, I’ve just never seemed to climb over the top. I am looking very forward to trying what you mentioned! I was actually thinking you might mention the Allicin(in my mind ‘garlic’) I’ve “at times” seem to have luck with garlic with the ear ringing being…only less, and it also helping the Candida some, again over a year, just not quite reach the expectations I was hoping for. In the back of my mind I’ve always wondered, is it cuz I’m not getting it out…detoxing another words? I’ve been looking for a binder, something to flush things out as well. I’m aware of the Bclay, Act-charcoal, Phyllium and quite a few others. BetterHealthGuy as found a Bamboo product, name is slipin’ my mind at moment. What is your thought? I control my eating at home very well. At times, we go out, and that can be tricky. Did I miss you mention a DAO product that can be taken just before the meal, to help with issues? I google and it’s way too much…can’t they just do away with the 50 choices and offer the best five? Last, but most important, I would like some of your links(I get lost too easy navigating all over) to books, webinars, etc…I have no issue what so ever in any co$ts to join. Thank you for sharing with us all!!!

          2. Post

            Hi Doug –

            Have you tried Caprylic acid before? That seems to be effective.

            Also if your bile is sluggish, that won’t help any as the yeast / bacteria will just keep coming back. Need to support your bile flow with liver support. I formulated Liver Nutrients to support liver health – but it is not really a gallbladder support product. It’s ok for that. Better is Taurine – 500 mg. I’m working on another formula specifically for gallbladder.

            You can also try visceral manipulation of your liver / gallbladder. It’s actually amazing. Works very fast.

            I have a DAO product yes, Histamine Block, that can be taken with meals but it’s expensive and doesn’t address the underlying cause. I cannot offer it less expensive than this as our price went up a lot too sadly.

            Have you done the Dirty Genes Course Bundle? That is the best place to start – 7 hours of great starting point material. I’d start here rather than the Histamine Block.

            You can also take ProBiota HistaminX similarly as Histamine Block – with meals. You’ll likely need two capsules for the beginning to load up your microbiome and then taper to one capsule.

          3. Doc, Thanks for all your help. No, I did not check out your 7hour help. I kinda jumped the wall here. I tend to read magazines backwards as well, LOL 😉
            Thanks to you I AM trying the Cap Acid for the Candida(yeast issues) and so far it seems very impressive! I’m on my way soon to try the HissX, but wanted to get a “feel” first with the CapAcid… Moving on to our Liver Support topic because of my question that covers “detox”. I smiled at your mention of the Taurine…why? Cuz I know that it’s the helper for what I call in short the Gluta….Infact just yesterday I was looking to see who sold the best “Lipo” Gluta cuz of my great luck with the homemade “Lipo” Vit C!!!! On the Liver topic, I’ve always wondered with my Garlic and MSM love for the Lyme end of symptoms, that I may need Moly at times due to that amount of Sulfur. I found it interesting of you adding the Gallbladder topic in with the Liver, mainly cuz I’ve never tied any products together that if it helps the Liver it helps the Gall… I’m going to add this for you and all, there is a product called KS dissolve, not a cheap product and it’s for Kidney Stones..or Kidney help…my point is that same company makes a product called GS dissolve, and OUCH! it’s not that cheap either, but…I’ve heard it’s effective in a 90 day course. Doc, I’ve never heard of Malnip of Liver and Gall…and you’ve got my interest and attention on that???? …. ???? I also like how you said “bile sluggish” I’d like to learn more on how that works with gut- small intestine-liver and gall….cuz I feel this is one of my sure issues. Lyme is not too new to me, but the bile, gut, liver, gall, candida, leaky gut stuff….all roped in one kinda way…got me on a mission here. Thank you and very soon I will be able to see how this HissX works for me. Best Regards, Doug
            And YES! I was so glad to have you respond the way you did to the DAO product…I agree…it’s a”symptom” “helper” but it does not get to the root of the problem.

  19. Many people with histamine issues have SIBO. Inulin is not a good prebiotic for SIBO. I can’t tolerate even a pinch of it and many have the same issue. Inulin shouldn’t be introduced until the advanced stages of healing but very slowly.

    1. Post
  20. Will it be possible to buy Seeking Health’s products at iHerb in the future? The shipping cost to Sweden is just too much when buying from seekinghealth.com. iHerb has many more options for shipping that are affordable for us outside the US.

    1. Post

      Please ask iHerb to offer Seeking Health. We are trying to get them to offer our product line. We understand they can provide affordable international shipping. We’re trying!!

  21. Dr Lynch,

    I am mthfr 677 ct and am taking 3000 mg of IR niacin to reduce very elevated lpa levels. I do take the niacin first thing in am on empty stomach when i first started i did experience flushing etc but now its really no reaction. bc of the mthfr i take methylfolate and methyl b12 as well as activated b6 and b1. what is your thoughts on taking niacin – my understanding is mthfr decreases the regulation of histamine and niacin increases histamine? (but have also read niacin initially increases histamine but then long term, it depletes it) I dont seem to have reactions to cheese or red wine or the niacin so im assuming im not histamine intolerant but regardless if niacin contradicted in someone with impaired methylation? also, is l reuteri which i take for cholesterol and upregulating ldl receptors a safe probiotic for histamine? ive read yes it is and not is isnt. id like to stay on it for the cholesterol benefit (as well as niacin) but not at the expense of my methylation well being your thoughts?

  22. also have a question about welchol which is a bile acid resin how does that affect gut health and thus histamine..i have been presrcribed for both IBS and cholesterol overabsorption

  23. I am not 100% sure I have histamine issues, but I believe this is the case. I also have sibo -D (hydrogen dominant). Does this help the intestines if you have sibo as well? In addition to the sibo, I also have lyme and CVID.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      We do ship worldwide. We will be shipping this to our distributors in New Zealand soon likely as well. Please reach out to my team at Seeking Health and they can provide you more information.

    1. Post

      Hi Steve – that is quite significant. It may help but it appears to be more significant than just taking probiotics to support an imbalance in the microbiome. Please talk with your doctor and look for more reasons why this could be happening.

  24. Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I have a 13 months old baby who has many food intolerances, rash over her body, acid reflux… I highly suspect that she is intolerant to histamin, and she has a leaky gut (she doesn’t properly absorb nutrients). What can I do to measure her histamin level, her microbiot? I still breastfeed her.

    1. Post

      Hi there –

      Few things:
      – if you have any food intolerances or allergies – and you are eating these foods, your baby will also react
      – you should consider lowering your histamine by reducing histamine foods/drinks and also taking ProBiota HistaminX
      – you can also support lactose metabolism by using Lactase Drops. Place a couple drops on your nipple just prior to breastfeeding. It will help your baby digest the milk.
      – you can also open the capsule of ProBiota HistaminX and place some on the tip of your pinky and place inside your baby’s lip.

      Talk with your pediatrician as well if you don’t see improvement.

  25. Hi Dr Lynch
    This is very interesting reading thank you. I am researching in relation to histamine and ulcerative colitis. I have also been looking up probiotics and inflammation and see that the strains you recommend are listed in this article https://recoveringkids.com/2017/10/16/probiotics/

    as both pro & anti inflammatory. Is your product purely to better deal with histamine? And do you agree with the categorisation of pro & anti inflammatory probiotic strains?

    Thanks alot

    1. Post

      Hi Tom –

      I’ve seen this article.

      This mother was giving insanely high amounts of probiotics to her daughter – apparently over 250 billion daily.

      My formula is specifically designed to modulate histamine response and reduce histamine according to research I’ve read. I need to perform a clinical trial and plan to in order to confirm.

      All I have now is clinical evidence which is very strong.

      No I do not believe in such a categorization of strains – that is too simplistic. We do not know enough about probiotics and that is not correct to make such a reductionist statement.

      Histamine is absolutely related to ulcerative colitis. It’s high in UC. It’s high in all inflammatory bowel disorders.

      Histamine can be both pro and anti-inflammatory depending on the situation. To me, it seems mostly inflammatory thus far – at least in the approximately 20 cases I’ve used ProBiota HistaminX.

      1. Ok thanks very much for your response. That all makes sense, there is some interesting work on this area showing some to be better anti-inflammatory for colitis: http://aem.asm.org/content/76/9/3048.full
        some further interesting info here

        I have read that most probiotics don’t actually get to where we need them to reach – how do you get past this issue?

        Thanks again

        1. Post

          I use an acid-resistant capsule that gets past the stomach. I am not sure how long it takes for them to get to the large intestine but bacteria also ‘creep’. One can also use a retention enema – say one cup of filtered water with butyrate and ProBiota HistaminX to really deliver the compounds where you want with UC.

  26. I have GERD from a hiatus hernia and suffer from quite bad reflux. I try not to medicate if i can avoide it. Would this be suitable and would it make it all the way to Australia without dying off?

    1. Post

      I am not sure if this alone would solve your reflux problem Darren. It’s hard for bacteria to live in the stomach. However, if downstream histamine is a problem, it could creep into the stomach possibly. Yes it should travel fine to Australia as long as it isn’t going to Coober Pedy in the middle of the summer 😉

      I would look also at Zinc Carnosine and Optimal GI Powder.

      Visceral manipulation may also be supportive.

    1. Post
  27. Is there anything in this probiotic that is fermented? I have cleared up my SIBO but my histamine is out of control! Seem to react to lots of supplements and probiotics.

    1. Post
  28. Hi Dr Lynch, I have been told that my hormone migraines are caused from allergic reaction. Do you think this would help? Also thinking that my dog might be able to use this since she deals with mast cell tumors and GERD. I have been giving her probiotics along with quercitin and other support but it has not completely gone away. Could I give this to her??

    1. Post

      Hi Charity –

      That is an interesting idea.

      I would recommend trying it with her yes.

      I would also consider moving her to a raw food diet – getting hearts and cheap cuts of meats from the butcher at your store. Google ‘raw dog food options’ and see what’s out there. Many times the processed dog foods cause a heap of issues. At least go grain free for her.

  29. Thank you Dr Lynch! I am very excited to try it with her! She has been on the raw diet since she was 4 months and is now 2.5 years old. I know genetics may play a role but I still want to keep trying;) One of my classmates has worked with you and she sometimes shares your gold nuggets:) I will let you know how it works!! Thank you for your response and ALL that you do!!!

  30. Hi Dr. Lynch,
    I am c677t. I had all my root canals removed and fillings replaced 3 years ago. I chelated mercury following the Andy Cutler protocol for the past three years. At that time I had very bad food issues, depression, etc. Im sure I made all this worse trying to fix it and figure it out before I knew about gene mutations. I began taking mirtazipine at the time but I couldnt tolerate it and lowered the dose down to 2 or 3 mgs. I discovered it fixed all my food issues, it happens to be an anti-histamine. Everything was great for three years. I decided earlier this fall that I no longer want to take the antihistamine long term so I slowly went off of it. I was having bloating, itchy face, constipation, mild depression, headaches, etc. I cleaned up my diet and most of this has disappeared unless I eat something bad. The problem is I can rarely get more than 3 hours of sleep. Which usually leads me back to a night of mirtazipine and then 3 or 4 days getting over those after effects. You mentioned you took the probiotic before bed. Could that give me a little help getting maybe a little more sleep? I would celebrate getting 5 hours consistently. Would a good simple approach be to keep the diet going, good probiotics, and the creatine and choline supplement? Just looking for some consistency and to stop wasting my time and money chasing every supplement and advice. Thanks for all your work.

    1. Post

      Hi Jim –

      I appreciate you’re moving away from the meds – well done!

      Given your symptoms, I’d recommend these for supporting your histamine:
      – ProBiota HistaminX – at night
      – SAMe – taken before bed helps you fall asleep
      – Optimal Sleep – taken before bed helps you stay asleep

      I’d skip the creatine and choline supplement for now and try this combination.

  31. Hi Dr. Lynch, I am a little confused. I have ordered the probiotic histamine x for my extreme food sensitivities, gut pain at night. Should I avoid other probiotics while I am taking it? Thanks/

    1. Post

      Hi Barbara –

      If you feel well from other probiotics, then continue taking them. If you don’t notice any improvement from them or feel worse, then you should stop the others and try ProBiota HistaminX.

  32. Dr. Lynch – in one of your responses to a comment, you stated this product has “inulin” as an ingredient? I struggle with histamine- I get very itchy all over my torso, eye lids and scalp. I am very interested in this product, but if it contains inulin, i am fearful

    1. Post

      Hi Amber –

      If you’re fearful then you should likely not try it as that will likely give you a poor reaction in of itself. Our ProBiota Bifido also has Inulin in it and people respond very well to it.

  33. Hi! I just received your histaminex probiotic. I’ve had SIBO and still in the healing process. I noticed within a few hours changes. I was having a reaction from a high histamine food already and took 1. Within a few hours I had more energy but it was like a nervous type. Is there any die off reactions from this probiotic? I was thinking I may need to start at a smaller dose and work my up to 1 capsule. Even though I like having more energy, I don’t like the anxiety feeling. I also an increase in BM. Wanted to know your thoughts?

    1. Post
  34. I just ordered Seeking Health Prob iota Bifido, darn! The histamineX sounds like what I need. Would you recommend adding the histamineX to my normal once a day Probiota Bifido (since it seems I could probably use more to aid healing)?

    1. Post

      Hi Marsha =

      ProBiota Bifido is also great. It’s helping many people, too. Yes, you may add the ProBiota HistaminX as well – or you can alter them or take them together if you need additional support.

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  36. I tried this with my 6 year old son that has histamine issues as recommended by our dr. He got angry, aggressive and super emotional. Should I try 1/2 cap or something else entirely?

    1. Post

      Hi Sharee –

      This is highly unlikely. I would review other things that occurred that day.

      If there were histamine-producing strains in here, then yes – I could see this potentially – but not with these strains.

      Please evaluate what else happened – what he ate, smelled, touched, experienced, activities, other supplements, etc

  37. Thank you! Working with my ND using caprylate and bereberine. Also adding B minus to L5MTHF and B12 drops. Once I finish the yeast battle I will try the histsminx.

  38. I used to take probiotics daily until I started getting terrible inflammation in my legs. The pains were agony. I stopped for a bit – the pains went away. I started again – the pains came back. I changed brands..instant inflammation. I switched to the lowest dose probiotic out there – still inflammation. Is this a histamine reaction to?

    1. Post
    1. Post

      and why do you say this?

      I provide lots of actionable information here – and if you don’t want to use the probiotic – no worries. try the recommendations instead.

      There will always be ‘haters’ out there which is fine. I’m not here to please everyone – only those that desire to take action and empower themselves.

  39. I have a son who is 14yrs old. Starting August of 2013 he started to have his eyes swell. It has happened every month since then almost always at the end of the month. He was starting puberty then, so we chalked it up to that. After a year and it starting to affect his life we began the exhaustive route of doctor appointments pediatrician, allergist, ENT, CT scans, blood testing, eye exams, etc. Everything was inconclusive. We were left after a year with the diagnosis of idiopathic (unknown) angioedema (swelling in the body). Last October (2016) we decided to hire a nutritionist and try a elimination diet with gluten, wheat, egg, and dairy. In January 2017 we reintroduced egg and dairy and he did fine.
    He chose to stay away from gluten because he said he felt way better. He also grew 4 inches and 20 lbs in the six months of taking him off gluten. This could be related or could be puberty, who knows. When we first began the swelling went from every one month to two month. Then to every four months. Then starting two months ago the swelling began once a month again. He is frustrated, we are frustrated and at a total loss. No one knows why his eye is swelling. It is never the same eye. Sometime the right, sometimes the left. It takes about 3 days for the swelling to go down. There is no swelling anywhere else in his body and no rashes. We went back to the allergist who basically explained the exact thing you explained in this article. He wants to give him Zyrtec (4omg) , Singular (10mg), and Ranitidine (300mg) per day for 2 months. My son does not want to take all of these per day, so he suggested he take it all at the sign of the first symptoms. I forgot to mention this earlier. Almost always it starts with a headache followed by nausea and then within 4-6 hours his eye swells. 90% of the time this has happened at night while he is sleeping. I really think your probio will help him. Do you have any other suggestions? We prefer more natural routes to health care, but I am so exhausted by all of this. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Jessica –

      I agree with you. I also think ProBiota HistaminX will help him a lot.

      I also would like to see him on Optimal GI Powder – at 1/4 scoop mixed in water and drunk upon waking in the morning – or can mix in applesauce. Be good to have a bit of it before dinner as well.

      Since this keeps happening at night, I recommend evaluating his pillow, sheets, mattress and bedroom environment. Consider tossing his bedding and pillow and buying hypoallergenic.

      Also make sure to wash clothes and bedding with things like Molly’s Suds – and evaluate his skin care, deodorant, soap, etc – making sure they are more clean.

      The Dirty Genes Course will provide a ton of insights for you and him – he should watch it fully as well. Best to learn this now in life rather than later. He would enjoy a lot of it I imagine.

  40. I have suffered from heartburn since I was 17 because I was bulimic. When I first started taking Prilosec, it wasn’t an everyday thing. But the more I took it, the more I needed it. I just never realized it was due to Prilosec. Now, 16 years later, I can’t go a day without it. I’ve tried all sorts of natural things and nothing seems to get me off the drug. Do you think this probiotic you’ve created will help? Without Prilosec I burn inside so badly. Do you think I’d be able to quit Prilosec cold turkey with taking this probiotic? Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Post

      One cannot quite a drug like Prilosec cold turkey.

      You’ll have to taper.

      Start with ProBiota HistaminX – two capsules any time of day. I also highly recommend you add in Optimal GI Powder – mix 1 scoop in a water bottle and sip throughout the day. It will help heal your stomach lining.

      Being bulimic likely caused you a significant nutrient deficiency and disruption in microbiome. These two things alone should help significantly.

  41. I’m currently treating herbally for SIBO… genetically predisposed to histamine sensitivity… started your new probiotic… how long before I see improvement in itchy skin, gas, random bloating, etc???
    Taking 1 at bedtime
    Great tesearch’!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Post

      I’d start with 1 capsule for a couple days and then ramp up to 2 capsules for a couple weeks or so. Once you see improvements go back down to one. You should notice improvements within a couple days. I noticed it in two days – but that was also after I took things like Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract – for about two weeks. Adding in the ProBiota HistaminX really helped me and my boys a ton.

  42. Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with hypermotility in my digestive tract. My Dr was unable to determine the cause. Also, I’m nutrient deficient and have chronic urticaria. Could this help these symptoms? I’m also homozygous MTHFR C677T.

    1. Post

      Hi Jennifer – the chronic uritcaria – yes it will help this. However, you may also need additional support such as fish oil, identifying gut infections and reducing stressors – along with dietary changes.

    1. Post

      yes – look for mold, infections, food triggers, stressors, environmental exposures. The Dirty Genes Course is likely the best investment you can make to learn many things to apply in your life – instead of guessing with supplements. The Dirty Genes Course Bundle also comes with a copy of my book Dirty Genes – so it’s even better than just the course.

  43. Hi,
    Having worked with your colleague on my gene Snp’s, I have addressed a great deal in 20 years. Super clean diet and environment and mind set. I have no reason to believe that my issues are SIBO related.
    I have been taking the ProBiota HistaminX for one week. I take one capsule twice a day with and with out meals. I have also tried taking it at different times of the day such as at night before bed.
    I’m Not seeing any difference in my health. I have, however been experiencing some constipation that I counteract with magnesium. I have also developed more flatulence (gas). Headaches, light and sound sensitivity, pain and fatigue have also increased since taking the HistamineX.
    I’m perturbed. Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated as I have been following your work on the gene snp’s. but have stepped away for a bit to focus on my Alcat food sensativity test.
    I have genetic gene and nutrahacker but they do not give results for the DAO snp. What would be the name of the gene test that you would recommend?
    Thanks a bunches,

    1. Post

      Hi Nancy –

      StrateGene covers the DAO snp if you ordered 23andMe before July 2017. The other reports are not useful at all in my opinion.

      Take your raw data from 23andMe and run it through StrateGene here.

      Then join the StrateGene Facebook Group and learn a ton.

      Having a dirty DAO is way more common than a DAO SNP. DAO can still be an issue even if DAO SNP is not present.

      Scroll down to day 10 here – to learn about Dirty DAO.

      I’d stop the ProBiota HistaminX currently and work on identifying food reactions, stressors, sleep issues, environmental exposures, infections.

      ProBiota HistaminX won’t counter those – it’s the finishing touch to histamine intolerance or helps reduce it – but if any of those are strongly present, it cannot overpower them.

      Learn how to clean up your genes with the Dirty Genes Course Bundle if you haven’t ordered it already – it’s a very through easy-to-understand program which teaches you how to identify and REMOVE things. It’s not about adding supplements first – it’s about understanding and learning what to do and what to stop doing first. The Dirty Genes Course provides this information.

  44. Hi Dr. Lynch,
    I recently read in a Facebook thread that you will be removing Inulin from HistaminX. The Inulin is the only thing that’s kept me from trying it. Is this true? If so, when do you expect the first batch of Inulin free to be on the market?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Post

      Hi Andrea –


      Please reach out to my team at Seeking Health. I’m not sure – it will be about 6 months or so. We have to move through the current batch. 😉

  45. Hi, I am on my way in for a colonoscopy (in an hour!) I have been thinking about what I need to do to repopulate the good bacteria. I do have a bottle of this product so I was thinking of taking one pill morning and night for a couple days and then every day for a week or so. And then pulse again as needed. Do you have any suggestions to add (or change)? I do also have some of your Probiota Bifido (which I think just has fewer strains?) so I can alternate some of those in eventually. Thanks for any suggestions.

  46. Dr Lynch,
    Is it possible to get a sample of this before buying?
    I have histamine Intolerance and when I take in food or pills that produce histamine, I get an immediate histamine migraine seconds after swallowing the substance that caused this. It becomes costly to buy products to just throw them away after taking one pill and finding it’s a histamine liberator in me.

    1. Post

      Hi Angela –

      I can speak confidently that ProBiota HistaminX is NOT a histamine liberator. Years of research went into this and tested on many people before putting out to market. It works. If it doesn’t work well enough, then there are other issues going on which also need addressing. The reviews of ProBiota HistaminX are from our customers. Thank you

  47. Hi Dr. Lynch,
    My 11yr old daughter was diagnosed with asthma when she was 7yrs old. She came down with Entero Virus D68 and had to be hospitalized because she had a severe asthma attack- since then, she has had asthma. I have changed her diet – no dairy, wheat, a limited abount of sugar, etc– I have her on high amounts of vitamin c, a probiotic -(Dr. Mercola) , vitamin d, multi vitamin, magnesium, boswelia akba. I also give her oregano capsules every other day. She also has several allergies- she is allergic to nuts, dust mites, mold, pet dander. Sneezes quite frequently- and has had bouts of breaking out in hives randomly. She is currently taking control medication for the asthma- which i strongly wish I didn’t have to give her. I have taken her for biofeedback and AAT- but nothing as worked. She has also had exercise induced asthma from too much running- Any advice would be greatly appreciated- I am a believer in all things natural and holistic and strongly wish to be able to help her to get off of medication. Thank you so much- Holly

  48. I want to order probiota histamix , is it suitable for one yr old infant how to give it to him, i want to buy one that is suitable for me and my infant plz reply me asap

  49. Dr. Lynch
    My daughter is adopted from China and has developed asthma. She is 7 yrs old and currently is on a steroid inhaler BID. Being that Asians are more likely to have the genetic mutation for DAO, should I try giving her a supplement in addition to the probiota histamine? I would really love to get her off of her meds. Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Post

      Hi Amy –

      ProBiota HistaminX can definitely help her. I’d also consider Optimal Liposomal Glutathione Plus – say 1/4 teaspoon followed with Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C Plus – 1 teaspoon. Mix in a bit of juice to help it go down or just have her take it straight. The glutathione doesn’t taste good. The liposomal vitamin C plus is a new product and it is better than just regular liposomal vitamin C because of the additional flavonoids. I’d also get her on the Optimal Electrolyte – Orange once a day and Optimal Multi Minus One multivitamin.

  50. I read your dirty gene book and thought for sure I have a dirty DAO. The foods you mention that would bother some don’t bother me like avocados and bananas. If I eat clean no problems but if I cheat at all my biggest issues is that my heart race so fast about 20 min after eating. Is that a histamine issue?
    I never want to cheat because of this.
    I also don’t want to miss out on life sometimes. Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Erika –

      That does sound like a histamine issue yes. Bananas and avocados are more a latex than a histamine – but do cause issues in some folks. Having that faster heart rate after eating is definitely a histamine response. Do try ProBiota HistaminX and see how that helps you.

  51. Hi Dr. Lynch,
    I have ulcerative colitis and I think also a problem with histamine. So the vsl3 Probiotic is causing problems ( I can only take a very small amount). Do you think I could try your probiotic? Where can I order it? I live in Germany..

    1. Post

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