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Impaired Methylation in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body undergoes tremendous changes and is under significant stress. Keeping all the body systems working properly can help ensure the health of both mother and baby. One bodily process that is essential as the baby grows in the womb is called methylation. Methylation is necessary

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Prenatal Omega-3 Supplementation and Epigenetics of Infant Immunity

Does prenatal omega-3 intake influence epigenetics in the infant’s immune system? Results of a controlled trial show no epigenetic effect of docosahexaenoic acid supplementation in infants of nonsmoking mothers but an increase in global DNA methylation in infants of smoking mothers. Reference Lee

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Folic Acid Supplementation and Intracellular 1-Carbon Metabolism

How does folic acid supplementation affect intracellular 1-carbon metabolism? A randomized controlled trial shows folic acid supplementation does not decrease intracellular homocysteine and may disrupt normal regulation of intracellular 1-carbon metabolism. Reference Smith DE, Hornstra JM, Kok RM, Blom

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Omega-3−Enriched Eggs and Choline Metabolism in Women

Does egg consumption alter choline metabolism in vegetarian women? In vegetarian women, consumption of eggs, especially omega-3−enriched eggs, increased serum free choline and betaine when compared to controls. Reference West AA, Shih Y, Wang W, et al. Egg n-3 Fatty Acid Composition Modulates Biomarkers

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Maternal Choline Intake and the Epigenetics of Cortisol-Regulating Genes

Does prenatal choline intake affect the expression of cortisol-regulating genes? A controlled trial demonstrates that higher prenatal choline intake during the third trimester of pregnancy may counter some of the adverse effects of prenatal stress on behavioral, neuroendocrine and metabolic development

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Arsenic Toxicity and Methylation in Pregnancy

A huge misconception about methylation defects is that they are only caused by genetic single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This could not be further from the truth. Nutrient deficiencies, pathogens, stress, and environmental toxins can all disrupt methylation. One of these toxins—one that is ubiquitous

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Prenatal Stress and Methylation

Pregnancy is a physically demanding time, requiring more nutrients, calories, water, and rest. It is also an emotionally demanding time, marked by anticipation and sometimes worry or anxiety. If a woman’s physical or emotional needs are not met, her body will respond with a physiological stress response.

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Folic Acid in Pregnancy: A Case Study

A couple came to see me after experiencing spontaneous abortion of a fetus with anencephaly. Anencephaly is a severe midline defect in which the brain does not form; it is the most extreme form of neural tube defects. Genetic testing revealed that both the man and the woman had a single-nucleotide polymorphism

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Prenatal Methylation Assessment and Dysfunction - A discussion between TAP and Dr. Ben Lynch

Methylation is defined as the addition of 1 carbon and 3 hydrogen atoms to a compound. This biochemical reaction influences innumerable functions in the body, including genetic expression, neurotransmitter synthesis, and detoxification. During pregnancy, with the increased production of maternal hormones

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Earn Revenue by Raising Awareness - SHEI Affiliate Program

As it has for many around the world, has your life improved with information presented by Dr Lynch? Have you told friends, colleagues and family about StrateGene, Memberships or online courses such as Part 1 and 2? We want to thank you by offering a commission to any sales generated by you! Raise awareness,

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FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: Sept. 1st

Facebook Live Event Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:04:42 Q: What is the best test to measure mineral levels? A: The best test to order to evaluate mineral levels. That’s tough. I will say there are a number of tests out there. What we are trying to do is we’re trying not to be biased on one lab company

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FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: August 23rd

StrateGene Facebook Live Part 3 Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:02:48 Q: Do Sprout People have stainless or glass to grow? A: Good question. I wanted the same thing. Sprout People, we talked about them last time. Look at the Facebook Live video from previous where we talked about Sprout People. SproutPeople.com,

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FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: August 19th

StrateGene Facebook Live Part 2 Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:06:23 Q: May I ask about the MAOA gene? MAOT941G with the -/-, T. The variant is associated with normal/wild type MAOA slower activity compared to GG or GT. Does this mean is wild because it only has a T? How do I determine the up and down regulations?

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FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: August 18th

StrateGene Facebook Live Part 1 Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:03:54 Q: I was hoping to ask about the DMGDH and whether multiple homozygous SNPs are clinically relevant at all, or can I assume that they aren’t since they aren’t included. A: DMGDH enzyme, multiple homozygous variants that they see in 23andMe

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Wake-up your natural alarm clock!

You don’t have to lose sleep about not being able to wake-up in the morning… Nor do you have to rely on artificial stimulants to wake-up. Sometimes your adrenals just need a little TLC or your room needs more light in the morning to shut down melatonin production. A few simple changes may

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I Can't Fall Asleep

Turn, turn, turn… Okay this isn’t a reference to the Byrds’ song, but your sleeping habits, or lack thereof! You can pull the covers over your sleepless nights by identifying some common triggers such as: Eating high histamine containing foods Eating high glutamate containing foods

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Can't Stay Asleep?

Feeding schedules aren’t just for babies… In fact one of the reasons that many people can’t sleep through the night is due to low blood sugar. This is usually the result of eating dinner too early or eating an imbalanced meal. Watch the video below for tips on how you can start sleeping

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SHEICON2016 Q&A Webinar

Want a taste of SHEICON2016? Get an overview of what the conference was all about as Dr. Lynch addresses some of the attendee submitted questions. Key takeaways according to attendees – I so appreciate this work because there is now a way to make sense of when a patient is not doing well on a protocol

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Master Class with Dr. Ben Lynch, ND - Starting an Online Business and Creating an Online Presence

“Follow your passions, do what you love, and don’t let anything get in your way. You’ve all got it. We don’t compete with each other. We support each other.” When I was in medical school, I knew that Dr. Lynch was different…in a good way. He used an email opt-in form on his website

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Dr. Lynch's interview with Dr. Ritamarie

Audio Download Full Slides Download Printer-Friendly Slides Download Transcript PDF

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Case Study Webinar with Bernarda Zenker

Interested in learning more about why patients may be expressing certain symptoms? In this webinar, Dr. Bernarda Zenker extrapolates a case study on a 27 year old female with chronic migraines and tension headaches, insomnia and environmental allergies. Key takeaways according to attendees – It really

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Case Study Webinar with Dr. Jess Armine - Methylation, Anxiety, Inflammation...What's the connection?

Ready to see the Pathway Planner in action? Dr. Jess Armine shares a case study on the connection between methylation, anxiety, and inflammation. Both Dr. Lynch and Dr. Armine also address questions related to the case study. Key takeaways according to attendees – Learning about the type of GABA that

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How to Sauna Clinical Webinar

CLICK HERE to Download the webinar presentation PDF. Wondering if sauna therapy would be beneficial for you or your patients? In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses questions on ‘how to sauna’ for maximum health benefits. Key takeaways according to attendees – Reconfirmed that methylation

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TAP Integrative Review - Evidence Based Continuing Education for Busy Doctors

TAP Integrative combines top experts and the latest evidence and distills the clinical pearls into convenient bite-sized pieces. TAP Integrative is a non-profit organization started by Dr. Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, a respected author, educator and presenter with the support of Integrative Therapeutics.

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Arginine Webinar

Arginine metabolism questions? In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses questions from SHEICON attendees on the Pathway Planner. As one attendee commented, “I like this approach of focusing on a specific pathway for each webinar.” Key takeaways according to attendees – The effect of Arginine

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