• What I admire about Dr. Ben Lynch is his ability to speak his truth and to blaze trails within nutritional medicine, genes, and epigenetics.

    – Deanna Minich, PhD, author of Whole Detox

  • Dr. Ben Lynch is my go-to resource for helping people understand how to get the most from their genes.

    – Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharmacist and NY Times Bestselling author of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

  • Dr. Ben Lynch is widely considered by the medical community to be the authority on gene variations.

    – Alan Christianson, NMD, NY Times Bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet and founder of Integrative Health Care

  • In a sea of health information, Dr. Ben Lynch stands as one of the few expert clinicians who marries his pioneering scientific analysis with deep compassion and a true desire to help the chronically ill find vitality. He stands as a beacon of hope for so many who have gotten lost in the halls of conventional medicine.

    – Kelly Brogan, MD, NY Times Bestselling author of ‘A Mind of Your Own’

Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 2


This seminar is a continuation to the previously sold-out conference entitled Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Individualized Medicine at Its Best. Receive the latest findings from Dr Lynch’s research so you may increase the efficacy of your treatment recommendations.

What is Included?

  • Full Online Access to the Conference Video Recording
  • Full Acess to the Powerpoint Presentation
  • 12 Continuing Education Credits for those who Qualify

General Public $95 | Medical Student $95 | Health Professional $349



Whether you work in primary care, oncology, environmental medicine, mental disorders, autism or midwifery, this seminar will greatly enhance your practice and your own personal health. This seminar focuses on methylation along with the various genetic mutations found along various critical pathways – and how they affect one’s health. The weekend event will culminate Sunday afternoon with a presentation of at least four comprehensive clinical cases to include case history, signs and symptoms, testing results, treatment plan and outcomes.

Our discussions will cover the following:

  • Review and updates on the folate, methionine and transsulfuration cycles and how to restore them
  • Review and updates on mitochondrial and cell membrane dysfunction and how to restore them
  • Clinically relevant and researched genetic polymorphisms
  • Updated laboratory markers and tests to consider and why
  • Changing the paradigm of condition-based treatment to restoration of genetic, biochemical and physiological function
  • Interpreting laboratory testing
  • Interactive case studies: Applying the principles of nutrigenomics and restoring function through actual full patient case studies

Course Outline

Unit 21: Introduction to Part 2 Conference
Unit 22: Treat the Patient
Unit 23: Genetics
Unit 24: Clinical Approach
Unit 25: Think if Through
Unit 26: Questions and Answers
Unit 27: Homocysteine
Unit 28: Folate Cycle
Unit 29: Methione Cycle
Unit 30: Choline Transsulfuration Cycle
Unit 31: Neurotransmission- Introduction
Unit 32: Neurotransmission- Biopterin Cycle
Unit 33: Questions and Answers
Unit 34: Psychoneuroimmunology
Unit 35: COMT
Unit 36: MAO
Unit 37: Macrocytic Anemia
Unit 38: TESTING
Unit 39: BCMO1
Unit 40: Histamine
Unit 41: PON1
Unit 42: Case Studies


Will I be sent a DVD?
No, it’s an online video. You’ll be able to watch it from your computer at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the online course?
Indefinitely. This course will not be taken down. You will continue to have access when you want.

How do I access the video?
After you have paid, check your email for an order confirmation containing a link. Follow the link to register for access to the video. You will be asked to select a username and a password will be emailed to you separately. Check your email for your password and sign in at SeekingHealth.org to view the video.

Can I share this video?
Purchase of this educational material is intended for one learner. This video may not be shared without the express permission of Bastyr University and Dr. Ben Lynch.

How many CEU’s can I obtain from this course?
12 continuing education units for those who qualify:

CEUs available for NDs (including CA & OR)

CEUs available for ARNPs and RNs licensed in WA
CEUs available for DCs licensed in WA
Category II CMEs available for MDs and PAs licensed in WA
NCCAOM PDA points approved for LAc’s
ADA CPEUs approved for RDs
Health care professionals in some states can earn CEUs, PDAs, CMEs or CPEUs after completing all of the quizzes. (However, CE hours are not currently available in the following states due to the state’s distance learning authorization requirements. These include: AL, AR, Wash.DC, KS, KY, MD, MN, NM and WI).

If you are a health care professional and do not fall into one of the categories listed above, you should consult with your state’s agency that governs continuing education (CE) to determine if this course would qualify for CE for your profession in your state.

If I’m not eligible for CEU’s can I still get a certificate for completing the course?
Any health care provider who has purchased the health professional course can earn a Certificate of Completion issued by SHEI after completing the quizzes at SHEI.

How long is the video?
The original 11 hour presentation is divided into 21-42 chapters. You are free to view the video and answer the quizzes at your own pace.

Why do health professionals need to pay more?
If you purchase the course to improve your ability to practice nutrigenomics and you plan to use this information clinically, then you need to pay the health professional price. This is the same price health professionals paid to attend to the conference.