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Vaccine Injury: Prevention and Treatment



Do you want to know if vaccines are right for you or your child?

With science and a lot of passion, Dr. Judy Mikovits, will guide you through the vaccination process in the body.

You’ll learn the measures to take to prevent, assess, and treat vaccine injury.


General Public $40.00 | Medical Student $25.00 | Health Professional $40.00


Course Outline

Assessment and Treatment of Vaccine Injury- Judy Mikovits, Phd

Unit Overview:

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D continues the vaccine discussion and presents strategies for assessment and treatment for the susceptible population injured by vaccines. Learn the signs of symptoms of vaccine injury and the genetic factors that increase susceptibility to vaccine injury.

Vaccination Injury: Mechanisms of Action- Judy Mikovits, Phd

Unit Overview:

  • Immunity is not static; it changes with age, with many unique features in early life.
  • 36 years of research in Immunotherapy Inform Immune related adverse events in vaccination
  • T cell responses to vaccination differ from those induced by infectious challenge
  • The Brain cannot tolerate the introduction of antigens without eliciting an inflammatory immune response
  • Development of novel age-specific vaccine formulations and delivery systems is likely warranted.