Anger, ADHD and MTHFR? Urinary Amino Acids?


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I have a 12 yo patient suffering from anger outbursts and ADHD, I plan to do MTHF testing for him, and would also like to test his amino acids early on as his mother has requested it. I have been researching the various tests; urine, plasma, and blood spot, and am curious why you recommend the urine test?


Urine for a couple reasons:

  1. Less invasive – especially for kids
  2. But more importantly – it measures a longer term vs blood. Blood aminos only reflects short term status –based on what the person recently ate.

Methylfolate can increase anger outbursts. I am seeing more and more GAD snps.

GAD = glutamate -> GABA conversion issues.

Thus, consider Theanine during day, Ashwagandha, Zinc/Magnesium/B6 and GABA at night. Regular protein meals. NAC to help reduce oxidative stress which also affects neurotransmission.

Watch the glutamate intake.

Avoid cell phone and Wifi as much as possible.

I suspect EMF/wifi increases glutamate activity and stimulates NMDA activity.

Niacin can be useful especially during the big bursts of anger.

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  1. One thing in regard to glutamate – most all gum and many hard mints have aspartame in them. This can increase glutamate. (It’s in so many foods these days.)

    I learned this the hard way. I have MCAS and too much gum one day set off a vicious mast cell degranulation that affected my heart (Kounis Syndrome). Overnight hospital stay as they thought I was having a heart attack. Nitro and massive antihistamines was the treatment for this.

    I hypothesize there is a connection to high glutamate(NMDA) and HyperPOTS (with high upright NE levels and those of us with higher bps). But sadly, for some reason upping GABA (with supplements ) paradoxes with me. Any suggestions when GABA is not tolerated?


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