Molybdenum and CBS



Anyone know why someone would have an adverse reaction to molybdenum?

SNPs are:

  • MTHFR c677t (++)
  • CBS (+/-)
  • BHMT 8 (+\-)
  • MTR (+\-)
  • COMT (+\-)

Her concerns are fatigue, memory, stamina and mood. History of hashimotos, better paleo and small amounts of sublingual B12.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Dr Lynch’s Response:

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There is a connection between copper and molybdenum.

Consider evaluating her copper levels.

Also – if her sulfur intake is not that high and her hydrogen sulfide production not that high, then molybdenum is not needed much beyond what she gets in her multi, diet, etc

She only is hetero for CBS – and you also didnt specify which CBS snp – 699 appears to be most related to an increase in CBS enzyme kinetics.

Increased oxidative stress increases CBS throughput even in the absence of a SNP. If her oxidative stress is not so bad, then the production of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur is likely not so bad.

She also may be low in sulfur and glutathione which could aggravate with molybdenum potentially. This may allow the molybdenum to interact more freely with Cu if it doesnt have so much sulfur to work with. Theoretical…


and – not really related but potentially useful:

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  1. I also have a CBS issue and do have problems with sulfites in wine. I have been using moly a few times a week. My question is related to the association between moly and copper and zinc. I have vitiligo and I’ve been trying to learn about possible need of copper with making melanin. But having listened to a conference by Trudy Scott on pyrolouri and the need of more zinc vs copper and having taking her test for that – it seems to apply to me. Moly also could potentially lower copper – if I’m understanding it correctly. She doesnt advise testing but taking zinc along with evening primrose oil and p5p. What are your thoughts on this? With me there appears to be autoimmune issues and for sure autonomic issues. (POTS, MCAS, EDS, FMS Hypogammaglobulinemi , Lyme and coinfections etc……)


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