Why You Should Stop Taking Folic Acid


Moody, depressed, can’t sleep?

Folic acid may be to blame!



It’s sneaky and can be found in everything from enriched foods such as energy bars and cereals to supplements!

Folic acid may be duking it out with biopterin to go through the coveted DHFR enzyme and believe it or not, could be the reason for your irritability!

Find out why Dr. Lynch disdains folic acid and why avoiding it may just elevate your mood!

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Full Transcript:

Hello, Dr. Ben Lynch here. Folic acid. I am anti-folic acid, very anti-folic acid. Let me give you some scientific proof why. You want to think, you want your patients to think. Your patients are depressed, irritable, can’t sleep, right? These are problems. You’re seeing it every day for years. You don’t think about folic acid at all. You need to, you need to. Because in order to produce dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, serotonin, melatonin requires the use of biopterin, okay? Biopterin is very important for these neurotransmitters. If you’re low on biopterin, these neurotransmitters don’t get produced, it’s that simple, okay? So as biopterin gets used, it has to be recycled. And it’s recycled by an enzyme called DHFR. DHFR stands for dehydrate dihydrofolate reductase.

Now, folic acid goes through dihydrofolate reductase and it’s very slow in doing it. So folic acid goes through dihydrofolate reductase and so does biopterin. What’s happening to your patient’s neurotransmitters? They’re dropping. They’re lowering. So you’re scrambling. You’re trying to find the pharmaceutical drug that can boost them up. You’re trying to find the nutrients and co-factors to boost them up. You’re trying to find amino acids and the foods that can boost them up. You’re trying to get them exercise and improve sleep to boost them up but you’re also getting folic acid. Get rid of the folic acid. Throw it away. Why? One enzyme, two things trying to go through the same one. Folic acid comes in, very slow to convert folic acid through the dihydrofolate reductase enzyme to make more reduced forms of folate for your patient. Oxidized damage biopterin goes through the same enzyme.

So you’ve got two things coming in at the same. They’re butting heads. There’s no room in there. There’s only so much of the enzyme can do. If folic acid is in there and so is oxidized biopterin, you’re going to get some biopterin that’s ready to get these neurotransmitters from your patient. And you’re going to take some of that folic acid, and you’re going to reduce it into more usable forms of folic acid. But if you throw away the folic acid from your patient, you get rid of the folate, your folic acid reduced containing foods like energy bars, energy drinks, grains and so on. You get rid of that stuff, then biopterin comes through, it gets oxidized and it goes through the dihydrofolate reductase enzyme without competition. You can recycle more. As you recycle more biopterin, the neurotransmitters start to come up. It’s a simple thing that very few research papers are looking at. But they are looking at it and they’re hard to find but I found them. I recommend this a lot to doctors and their patients and this simple technique has very , very much improved a lot of patients.

So, again, to wrap up. To support neurotransmission in your patients. Remove folic acid from their diet, from enriched foods. Remove it from their supplementation. You have the co-factors and supported amino acids to support these dopamine norepinephrine, serotonin, melatonin neurotransmitters, okay? Do that. But you also need to keep the DHFR enzyme available so you can recycle that biopterin and get these neurotransmitters to do what they need to do. Very important, it’s very simple. And there’s a good diagram here that shows you where the DHFR enzyme is, and how folic acid goes through and also the DHFR. So I hope that serves you well. Please, get rid of the folic acid and I will bet you that you see fantastic results. Thank you.

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  1. My symptoms indicate serious and fluctuating problems with neurotransmission. A genetic test showed heterozygous mutations in almost every pathway. My Naturopath has me on B-complex, P5P, Magnesium ascorbate, and a Mineral complex for 2 months, and then the plan is to ease me onto active forms of folic acid and b-12. She says this protocol is to clear up the downstream pathways before adding the folic acid and b-12, to prevent methyl trapping.

    It seems that my dopamine gets very low. My depression is often the sort where I have zero desire or motivation, and it is very responsive to stimulants (adderall, coca leaf).

    Are there just certain situations in which you are against supplementing with folic acid or do you feel that it is generally a bad idea for modern people?

    Also, I’m not seeing the diagram you mention.


  2. Where are the references for your claims? Where can I find peer reviewed scientific research that backs this up? Why aren’t your sources available here?

    1. Post
  3. Wow, such an amazing article!!! I removed folate from my son’s list and he is more calm, easy going and much more happy right now. Before he get’s anxious easily.

    You are talking about at the other video that methylcobalamin and methyl folate needs to be together for support methylation cycle. We have been doing MB12 shots and I just canceled Methylfolate. What can I do right know? Any suggestion greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  4. I was diagnosed with Facto V Leiden almost 20 years ago and have been taking Bvitamins and Folic Acid 1mg with Coumadin ever since. I just recently got a blood test which found MTFR 1269 homozygous. I stopped the folic acid and started 5- methyl folate. Ouch! Pain! I’m also sure I have other problems with gut issues, IBS, fatty liver, gall bladder removed, fibromyalgia ,Hashimoto’s thyroiditis…. Not that I haven’t tried everything else… But I seem to be getting close to the answers now. Diet and environment are not enough. Thank you for your brilliant research and dedication!

  5. Wow! I know from firsthand that folic acid affects my depression for the worst. Without fail, every time I have cereal or supplement that contains folic acid I have an outbreak one-two days later. I could never find out why folic acid was the problem–many say it is essential! But it is a problem and now it makes so much sense as to why!

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