Chronic Disease Treatment Using Light 2.5/5 (2)

Solius and Vitamin D

Over 70% of illness today is due to chronic disease.

Over 70% of people are vitamin D deficient.



I ask:

What percent of people with chronic disease are vitamin D deficient?

Today, there is now a device which uses the wavelength of the sun to generate vitamin D naturally through your skin – without the harmful radiation.


Solius is going to be introduced to Canada first and then make its way into USA.

This is the first time I have publicly announced Solius and what it can do to transform health via light.

Easily and affordably.

As an advisor and early investor, I’ve been in contact with their CEO asking important questions about Solius on your behalf.

With each question I have, they take note and thoroughly evaluate.

Thus far, all my questions are taken seriously and my concerns addressed.

Solius has had extensive safety testing done already and is being used in a clinical trial.

They could not be led by a more humble and passionate CEO, Rick Hennessey.

His speech made me nearly tear up – with excitement and possibilities for those struggling with chronic disease.

Are you excited?!

I am!

What are your thoughts about Solius?

What are your concerns?

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Comments 7

  1. More specifically it would be good if the unit was low in
    1. magnetic fields
    2. electrical fields
    3. radio frequency radiation ie WIFI, Bluetooth etc
    4. dirty electricity

    1. Post

      Hi David –

      I have seen preliminary test results. The EMF levels are very very low when standing in the treatment area and are even low when in not. Definitely meets my approval by a long way. They will release the data at some point.

  2. The unit looks so large, I wonder why it was not built as a simple smaller light that we could hang on a bedroom door like the Joovv infrared lights?

    1. Post

      Hi John –

      It is for facility use only – not personal residential uses. Health professionals, sports teams, hospitals, clinics, military, etc will provide Solius to the end user.

  3. I am looking forward to learning more. I struggle with Hashimoto’s disease, lots of inflammation and now have markers for arthritis. Could this treatment be helpful?

    1. Post
  4. I would be very interested: daughter has long standing debilitating muscle pain and tremors. How could she get started on this treatment? And where would it be available? When?

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