Seeking Health

Supplements to Help You Reach Your Full Genetic Potential

Receive the targeted nutritional support you need using supplements designed by Dr Lynch. Trusted worldwide, Seeking Health is helping families and individuals reach their genetic potential. Health-care professionals come here to find specially formulated supplements for their patients.


Identify and Build Your Personalized Genetic Support Plan

StrateGene is the tool that helps you understand and reach your genetic potential. Using 23andMe raw data, StrateGene provides an illustrated pathway approach to clinically-relevant and actionable genetic polymorphisms.  Available to both health care professionals and lay persons worldwide. Build your report today and unlock countless mysteries!

Seeking Health Educational Institute

Learn Cutting-Edge Genetic Information

Providing education in the field of genetic polymorphisms and epigenetics for both health care professionals and lay persons.  Here, providers learn how to translate cutting-edge genetic information into practical, personalized programs for patients and clients. Find a directory of professionals who have been trained in Dr. Lynch’s approach.


World’s Leading Resource on the MTHFR Genetic Polymorphism

Here you will find comprehensive, action-oriented information about MTHFR. Millions have this genetic polymorphism. The question is it impacting you or your patient’s life? Learn how to identify and support the MTHFR polymorphism the right way.

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