Dr. Lynch's Latest Research and Findings

New revelations from the book "Dirty Genes" can help us boost our health. I recently wrote a few articles on
Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired all the time?Did you know it could be your mitochondria? Most
Over the years I’ve had the honor of working with many challenging but rewarding complex neurological cases. In naturopathic medical
Years ago, before medical school, I suffered from oral lichen planus. It was itchy, ugly and I was at a
Folic Acid Blocks Methylfolate
That's right. Folic acid increases homocysteine. This goes contrary to what you've read or heard your doctor say. You read
I was in an intense conference call with my agent and my writer. We were discussing what to call my
Sensitivity to smells is a very common issue - and a serious one. Fragrance free is what you need. I
SIBO is a growing issue. Risk increases with age and approximately 15% of those who are older struggle with SIBO.
  Standard medical treatments work amazingly well in emergency situations. You and I both know this. Broken arm? Heart attack?
Over 70% of illness today is due to chronic disease. Over 70% of people are vitamin D deficient. Correlation? Causation?