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Lichen Planus Treatment? This May Be The Solution

Years ago, before medical school, I suffered from oral lichen planus. It was itchy, ugly and I was at a loss how to deal with it. Then one day, it just started getting better without me even realizing. While that’s awesome my lichen planus went away, I wanted to know why it got there in… View Article

Folic Acid Increases Homocysteine

That’s right. Folic acid increases homocysteine. This goes contrary to what you’ve read or heard your doctor say. You read or hear how awesome folic acid is at: lowering homocysteine supporting women experiencing recurring miscarriages reducing neural tube defects How can I sit here and tell you folic acid increases homocysteine? Well, because it does…. View Article

Cleaning Up Your Genes

I was in an intense conference call with my agent and my writer. We were discussing what to call my future book. The title they really wanted was ‘The 7 Deadly Genes.” Ugh. No! I wasn’t being clear with what I intended to write. I wanted: empowering insightful truly wholistic. This was the phone call… View Article

Sensitivity to Smells? Fragrance Free Needed

Sensitivity to smells is a very common issue – and a serious one. Fragrance free is what you need. I went off today in a Facebook post about fragrances and my kids. It doesn’t matter where you are – the smells and chemical fragrances are everywhere: walk down the street get in the car down… View Article

Does SIBO Affect Histamine Intolerance and DAO?

SIBO is a growing issue. Risk increases with age and approximately 15% of those who are older struggle with SIBO. (source) Why? Antacids Stress Lower stomach acid production Antibiotic overuse and resistance Methylation issues (leading to decreased bile production and bile flow) …. many more … Histamine intolerance is also huge issue. It is unknown… View Article

Low Homocysteine? Not Good.

What do you think of when you hear the word – homocysteine? Bad. Cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure. Toxic. Lower the better. I am challenging this thinking right now. When I think of homocysteine, I think of this: The body has to make homocysteine. It’s an important building block for two very important compounds in… View Article

Folic acid and Pregnancy

The recommendation of ‘folic acid and pregnancy’ has been around for a number of years. It’s wrong. The recommendation is close to being correct – but it’s wrong. Folate and pregnancy is correct. Folic acid and pregnancy is wrong. Aren’t these the same thing? NO. Folic acid and Methylfolate are NOT the same. Folic acid… View Article

Folic Acid Side Effects

Hardly anyone talks about folic acid side effects. Folic acid is not some major block buster drug having a list of dangerous side effects longer than its benefits. Like all the ones on TV…. According to WebMD, folic acid effects are these: While these are great to know, these are not the folic acid side… View Article

Genetic Testing Popularity: An Interview

I received this email interview request some time ago. Enjoy it. In short, there is confusion between genetic conditions and genetic polymorphisms. They are vastly different. Here is the interview: Your questions and my responses: How long have I been testing patients for MTHFR? – 2011 was when I first came across it in PubMed…. View Article

Is Autism Genetic?

Great question. It is not that simple of an answer. I believe the majority of autism is caused by environmental influences. Short answer: Autism is rarely genetic. It is all about total load. The total load of environmental burden. This environmental burden on genes is significant. It leads to Dirty Genes. What do I mean… View Article