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Miscarriages and Birth Defect Prevention with Niacin? Careful

What you see is not always a linear relationship. I get it. Research is tough. There has to be isolated variables and a singular target in order to see and make some connection between intervention and outcome. However, the human body, and life in general, is not a set of isolated variables and singular targets…. View Article

23andMe v5 Chip: What You Need to Know

If there is one thing constant in life, it’s change. 23andMe has a new version 5 chip which has the genetic reporting industry all up in arms. Here are some common questions along with answers. Note that 23andMe may change how things are done at any time thereby rendering this entire article irrelevant. Does 23andMe… View Article

Premature gray hair?

Have you ever seen the hair of Presidents? When they first start office, their hair looks quite good. At the end of their term, man, they are looking pretty gray. Presidents I get. What about the rest of us? Why do some of us at younger ages get premature gray hair? What causes premature gray… View Article

Is Parkinson's Genetic? What Causes Parkinson's?

When looking at the research, a very small percentage of those with Parkinson’s disease actually have genes which greatly increase their risk. That statement alone makes you wonder – What causes Parkinson’s? Is Parkinson’s genetic? Yes, for only about 1-2% of cases. As I explain in my book, Dirty Genes, genes are simply responding to… View Article

Where to Start with Autism?

You hear different things from every different direction. “Get your genetic testing done.” “Genetics aren’t helpful at all.” “Get your kids vaccinated.” “Don’t get them vaccinated.” In October, I had the honor to present to hundreds of parents. They wanted to know where to start with helping their autistic child. Here is a great informative… View Article

L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How

L-methylfolate is like a round wheel. Folic acid is like a square ‘wheel’. We’ve evolved. It’s time for folic acid to go away. An Evolved Caveman While this is indeed funny, it’s tragic. Folic acid is basically a square wheel to your body. It has to be processed by many different enzymes so your body can… View Article

Frustrated by Genetic Testing? Me Too.

Genetic testing is scary, frustrating, time-sucking and expensive. The first time I ran I got my genetic testing report back, my heart sank. Fear ran down my spine and gave me a sick feeling in my gut which lasted for hours. Ok. Days. When I got my genetic testing report back, I immediately looked for… View Article

Mitochondrial Dysfunction: A Quick Test

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a big term for ‘I’m feeling tired all the time.’ Testing for mitochondrial dysfunction is what many want to do but do not know how to accomplish it. What if I told you there is a way to do it online using your eyes? I am telling you that. Before I get there,… View Article

Melatonin For Sleep: How to Make and Protect Your Melatonin

Are you using melatonin for sleep? Why? You want to fall asleep, stay asleep, maintain deep and REM states, and wake rested. That’s all. You’re not asking for much. The issue is we all know how hard this can be. You may have issues in only one area but that’s pretty doubtful. When there is… View Article

Vitamin D, Infections and Chronic Disease

A normal vitamin D level means little. We think bacteria and viruses are tiny little things we can easily eliminate. Sometimes yes. Other times – far from. They are smart. They have evolved with us and also way faster than us. Why? Turns out that these little punks (infections) hijack our ability to USE vitamin D for our… View Article