Dr. Lynch's Latest Research and Findings

I received this email interview request some time ago. Enjoy it. In short, there is confusion between genetic conditions and
Great question. It is not that simple of an answer. I believe the majority of autism is caused by environmental
What you see is not always a linear relationship. I get it. Research is tough. There has to be isolated
If there is one thing constant in life, it's change. 23andMe has a new version 5 chip which has the
Have you ever seen the hair of Presidents? When they first start office, their hair looks quite good. At the
When looking at the research, a very small percentage of those with Parkinson's disease actually have genes which greatly increase
You hear different things from every different direction. "Get your genetic testing done." "Genetics aren't helpful at all." "Get your
L-methylfolate is like a round wheel. Folic acid is like a square 'wheel'. We've evolved. It's time for folic acid
Genetic testing is scary, frustrating, time-sucking and expensive. The first time I ran I got my genetic testing report back,
Mitochondrial dysfunction is a big term for 'I'm feeling tired all the time.' Testing for mitochondrial dysfunction is what many want