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Are you using melatonin for sleep? Why? You want to fall asleep, stay asleep, maintain deep and REM states, and
A normal vitamin D level means little. We think bacteria and viruses are tiny little things we can easily eliminate. Sometimes
There is a lot of confusion around ‘methyl group’, ‘methyl donor’, ‘methylation’. I’ve created a quick cheat sheet here for
From gut health to pregnancy, methylation is essential, but this doesn’t mean you should reach for folic acid. Genetic testing
What’s the connection between the APOE4 allele and Alzheimer’s disease? The APOE4 allele is linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s
The ketogenic diet is not the same as a high-fat diet! When you’re looking at research papers, you have to
The ketogenic diet is not just another diet… The ketogenic diet requires commitment and also wisdom for proper application. In
The ketogenic diet is not beneficial to everyone. Is it right for you? Should you follow the ketogenic diet with adrenal fatigue? Or
Are you being affected by neurotoxicity? Excess aluminum can hinder the effectiveness of the DHPR gene along with the function
What happens if your DHPR gene isn’t working well? It can cause mental retardation, epilepsy, total abnormalities, fever without infections