What my clients say…

We were looking to institutionalize our son until we found Dr. Lynch online. My son went from and angry explosive violent meltdown child to someone who is able to listen and react appropriately. Dr. Lynch has given hope to so many parents of children with autism. His information on MTHFR has changed our lives. I owe you everything ! I want to shout from the rooftops, ‘There is hope!’ Dr. Lynch, you truly have saved our son.

Sheryl Jeff Grelyak

As recently as three months ago, I was on nine prescription medications for severe anxiety and low energy. Now that my understanding of my pathways has grown, I am down to just two to three, using my diet and supplements to nudge my body to heal itself. I still have a ways to go, but I look forward to working with a physician trained by Dr. Lynch in the coming months so that I can get back to the business of living!

With each emerging study – and their contradictions – it is becoming crystal clear that the business of medicine is not one size fits all. Dr. Ben Lynch understands this, but also understands that with the infinite variables that make up an individual, that the best expert on the individual is the individual. With this in mind, he works tirelessly to not only educate practitioners who have adopted this way of thinking, but to allow the lay person the ability to advocate for themselves. Making sense of my health, in the context of my environment and unique genetic predispositions, is a journey to be sure, but it’s a journey I feel equipped and encourage to undertake after many years of feeling discouraged by traditional doctors. As recently as three months ago, I was on nine prescription medications for severe anxiety and low energy. Now that my understanding of my pathways has grown, I am down to just two to three, using my diet and supplements to nudge my body to heal itself. I still have a ways to go, but I look forward to working with a physician trained by Dr. Lynch in the coming months so that I can get back to the business of living!

Adrienne Gray

Absolutely life changing. Your information gave me the missing piece of the puzzle. My naturopath came across your work when researching how to help me. Thank you for sharing your work.

Mel Knudsen

When I had my daughter 2 years ago I knew literally nothing about MTHFR. Every single thing that her doctors recommended made her sicker and sicker. Today’s medical system seems to totally work against what our body needs and all of their well-meaning efforts were just causing more and more problems to the point that their advice almost led her to a feeding tube. I found that she and I both had some MTHFR SNPs, which led me to further research. All of which was confusing and less than helpful until I found you. After reading and reading and reading and researching on your site, I started to have somewhat of an understanding of what was going on. I began instituting what I could understand, and within weeks, most of my daughter’s issues had resolved as well as my own health improving. Two years after my finding Dr. Lynch’s site, my daughter is perfect in every way.

Renee Qualls Robinson

I wish all doctors could be so helpful and passionate to resolve problems. Most of them just following protocol as far as I see. Hope you get a Nobel prize for your MTHFR research. It helped me to explain all problems I had and avoid it in the future. All people have to know about these mutations.

Anna Polyakova

Common sense dictates that the best way to treat a condition is to address the root cause, and it doesn’t get much more ‘root cause’ than genetics. Thankfully Dr. Ben Lynch saw a need for more research and education in this area and became very passionate about learning and teaching it to others. Thanks to him, more and more health practitioners are becoming well versed in this area and are able to help their patients more effectively. Even the average layperson can easily learn from him (including me!) because Dr. Ben is able to break this complex information down in a way that makes it easy to understand. We can then take what we’ve learned and apply it to our own lives, making us much more empowered to help ourselves and not have to rely so heavily on doctors and the medical system. And that is a beautiful thing!

Michelle McCullough

Dr. Lynch is one of few who saw a need for further research and education in the area of genomics, nutrigenomics, beyond MTHFR.

The research, education, and tools that Dr. Lynch provides has created a path for many to embark upon understanding the dynamic metabolic and biochemical pathways of our bodies, and how to optimize the way our bodies are functioning from the basics to the complex.
Unlike so many, Dr. Lynch has brought awareness to the downfalls of treating SNP’s; rather the focus is in the context of individual history, lifestyle, exposure, and symptoms.

The foundational basics of clean water, air, food, mind, and limiting stress are at the forefront of Dr. Lynch’s teachings.

I so appreciate his enthusiasm to educate not only professions in the field, but the general public as well.

Dr. Lynch’s research, education, and tools are impacting the lives and well-being of so many!!

Christine Knapp Phillips

I came across the MTHFR gene a few years ago through my daughter. She has suffered from chronic Lyme Disease, and had done some nutrient testing. Her report came back with a comment about a genetic mutation called MTHFR, for which she was that was homozygous on the 1298 version.

She called and asked me to research it for her. Her doctor suggested but said she didn’t have any other knowledge about it. I began with and eventually found my way to I developed quite an interest in the underlying genetic conditions that can have an influence on health. This was the start of my journey. Since then, I have spent a great deal of time listening to, and learning from the SHEI courses. In the process, I have been working closely with my sister, who is an MD. She has recently converted her practice from Conventional to Functional Medicine. More recently, she has started to incorporate Ben Lynch’s materials and the StrateGene reports into her practice. She has commented to me that switching to Functional medicine, and taking genetics into consideration, has been most rewarding for her, as she never saw such dramatic results in the 20 years of Conventional Medicine practice as she sees now.

As for myself, I have been getting calls and requests from family and friends to help them take charge of their health. Part of this involves running the StrateGene report, and referring them to doctors who know how to utilize this information. I also have been asked to attend doctor appointments on behalf of family members, and have had the pleasure of sharing this information with several conventional MD’s. Dr. Lynch’s pathways have been quite useful when I am approaching doctors on the subject. I have found that as a rule, doctors have been very receptive to my input, especially when I pull out the pathways. One Ob-gyn was shocked when I told her that Folic Acid was not always the best option for her pregnant patients. I pulled out the folate pathway and explained why not. I suggested that she do some research and gave her the resources. She was surprised and a bit appalled that she hadn’t heard this before. Recently, I met with a vascular surgeon who listened to my input and made changes to the surgical plan in order to avoid medications that could complicate the recovery process. I have met with transplant surgeons, vascular surgeons, Osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, endocrinologists, and several MD’s. A couple of these professionals have since incorporated the pathways into their practices. My son’s endocrinologist listened as I told her that I am determined to reverse my son’s recent dx of Type 1 DM. I told her some what I was doing with food, and she said whatever I was doing, keep it up. She has never seen anyone require so little insulin.

I have been so inspired by Dr. Lynch and his work, that I am considering coming out of retirement, getting more education and getting back into healthcare to work with my sister as a health coach. Whatever I end up doing, one thing is for certain. There is no going back for me. Ben Lynch has changed my life in a very dramatic way. I live my life thinking in terms of biochemistry, and what might influence these pathways to improve on efficiency. I am happier and healthier than ever before, as is my family. Thank you Dr. Lynch’s for all that you do. It is much appreciated!!!

Lori Holstad Peterson

I have been struggling with my health for over 20 years. I have seen several doctors, specialists and had dozens of medical test done to no avail. I was told to go home and live the best life I could. I did not accept this and had my own genetic test done and analyzed through StrateGene and I was given the answers I was looking for. I found a new ND who used the information to treat me and I am feeling better than I have for 20 years. I have hope for a normal life and it is thanks to Dr. Lynch’s work. Finally, some doctors want to get to the root cause of diseases rather than treat the symptoms. Thank you Dr. Lynch.

Barabara Rehberg