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Are you being affected by neurotoxicity?

Excess aluminum can hinder the effectiveness of the DHPR gene along with the function of glutathione.

If glutathione transferase and DHPR, are reduced in function by aluminum, why are we using it in vaccines?

Find out why aluminum can be neurotoxic. #genetics #glutathione #DHPR #vaccines @drbenlynch

Do you try to avoid aluminum on a daily basis? Yeah, a lot of us do. But millions and millions of people are being forced to have aluminum injected into them, and that is not right. Why is that not right? Aluminum is toxic. There are many top governmental bodies saying aluminum is fine in vaccines. I absolutely disagree. I totally disagree and a lot of other professional experts disagree as well.

Why is that? Aluminum is a huge problem and I’m going to show you what it’s doing genetically. But this paper here is calling for “Hey, let’s figure out of this is actually safe.” You know what? It’s actually not safe because of other things found in other research papers. They’re saying that aluminum is neurotoxic. When I read that as neurotoxic, my first question is, why is it neurotoxic? What’s the problem of aluminum causing neurotoxicity? What’s the issue? If people are saying it’s fine and other people saying it’s bad, we need to say, “Alright, let’s look at the gene and the genetic expression of what impact aluminum is having on them because that is no dispute.” So let’s go there.

This gene right here, DHPR, its job is to make biopterin, this BH4. What you need to know about BH4 is it produces your body’s primary neurotransmitters, your dopamine, your norepinephrine, your epinephrine. It also supports your nitric oxide production for your cardiovascular system and your little ones. Serotonin is also involved. If biopterin is involved for all of these, then wouldn’t you think that’s really important to have enough biopterin? Absolutely. What slows this gene down? Aluminum. There’s research showing, quite a few research papers, that aluminum is directly associated with slowing this gene down. The more aluminum that is present in the blood or the brain, the slower the DHPR enzyme is. If you start chelating the aluminum from individuals, you are actually speeding up the DHPR enzyme back again. More aluminum, slower enzyme, slower biopterin, less neurotransmitters, less cardiovascular health support. Big problem. Strike one.

Strike two. Glutathione, the body’s primary antioxidant. Why? It binds to a tremendous amount of compounds that should not be in your system that are made by you and also ingested by you on a daily basis, all day, all night. Aluminum slows this glutathione’s ability to bind to compounds that you need to be eliminating and getting them out.

Example, arsenic is one such compound that glutathione will bind to. Glutathione transferase will take a glutathione and transfer it to arsenic. What does that mean? If glutathione gets transferred to arsenic, it’s going to bind that arsenic and get it out of your system. What’s going to happen if aluminum is slowing that down? Your arsenic levels increase. By virtue of taking aluminum either by vaccination or from foods or water or pesticides or medications or whatever, you are slowing glutathione down which is now reducing your ability to eliminate other heavy metals and other harmful compounds.

Now, do you see why aluminum can be neurotoxic? I do. You can have arguments all you want with research. That’s what research does and I invite arguments. I invite confrontation. That’s how solutions get solved. But I think it’s actually time now with genetics so prevalent and understanding how they work that we need to say if these primary genes, glutathione transferase and DHPR, are reduced in function by aluminum, then it is not safe to be used in vaccines. Remove aluminum from vaccines. Use other safer compounds that are existing.

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