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Years ago, before medical school, I suffered from oral lichen planus. It was itchy, ugly and I was at a loss how to deal with it.

Then one day, it just started getting better without me even realizing.

While that’s awesome my lichen planus went away, I wanted to know why it got there in the first place and why it went away.

Today, while reading some research papers, I ran into a key finding.

“The substantially deranged histamine metabolism and transport in oral lichen planus could, in part, contribute to the disease pathogenesis.”

Are you serious?

Yet another histamine issue.

Before we continue, here are some interesting facts about oral lichen planus:

  • The #1 non-infectious oral mucosal disease
  • Affects 1% – 2% of general adult population
  • Women impacted more than men at a ratio of 1.4 to 1
  • Occurs predominantly over age 40 but younger ages are possible

The cause of lichen planus is not really known but there are many known contributors:

  • Genetics
  • Dental materials
  • Drugs
  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Weakened immune system
  • Food allergies
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Bowel disorders – ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, leaky gut

Now that we’ve cheated a little and found that paper describing the fact that histamine seems to be a major culprit, doesn’t it make sense?!

Histamine is elevated in all of those known contributors.

Histamine is more elevated in women than men because women naturally have higher estrogen levels and estrogen stimulates histamine release.

Let’s get back to diving into the mechanisms of how histamine impacts those with oral lichen planus.

“Human oral keratinocytes (HOKs) possess a uniform H4R pattern, which is deranged in oral lichen planus.”

This means that these mucosa cells inside your mouth have the ability to secrete low amounts of histamine.

These are not mast cells. Mast cells are what typically release histamine and lots and lots of it.

These are just normal oral mucosa cells! Since when did normal cells secrete histamine!?

Well, these cells in your mouth do naturally secrete a little bit of histamine.

You think that’s not a big deal because these cells secrete just a little bit of histamine.

Well – you’re not alone. Many researchers thought the same thing until they realized that the Histamine 4 Receptor responds very well to 10,000 fold less amounts of histamine compared to other histamine receptors!

Here is what some researchers found inside the mouths of those struggling with oral lichen planus:

“L-histidine decarboxylase (HDC) and organic cation transporter (OCT)3 were increased in mRNA and protein levels in patients with oral lichen planus compared with controls. In contrast, histamine N-methyltransferase (HNMT) immunoreactivity was decreased in OLP. OCT1/OCT2 and diamine oxidase were not detectable in either tissue sections or in HOKs.”


Those with lichen planus compared to those without:

  • make more histamine
  • transport more histamine
  • can’t break down histamine well at all


This is why it is so important to understand and know your genetics and epigenetics.

Many, many people have SNPs in their Histamine Pathway which set them up for increased susceptibility to oral lichen planus and other histamine-sensitive conditions.

The good news is there is something you can do about it.

Now, what I am proposing below is theoretical but it makes total sense given what we now know about lichen planus.

It’s a major histamine issue.

Here’s my suggested Treatment for Lichen Planus:

  1. Read Dirty Genes – especially the DAO, MTHFR, COMT and MAOA chapters. Why? Because these chapters deal heavily with histamine, methylation, estrogen and stress. If your DAO gene is dirty, then you have a ton of histamine issues. Those with lichen planus apparently have no detectable DAO gene activity in their mouth – and they should! If your MTHFR gene is dirty, then your methylation is dirty and your ability to clear histamine goes out the door. Add to this the fact that your ability to clear estrogen also reduces especially if you have the combination of a dirty DAO, dirty MTHFR and dirty COMT – and many do. A dirty MAOA also increases your anxiety and stress which we know predispose one to lichen planus. So read Dirty Genes – and apply what you learn.
  2. Reduce histamine-containing foods and drinks. This helps you support your DAO gene and keeps histamine out of your mouth. So eliminate all citrus fruits, fermented foods and drinks (wine, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir), aged foods (salami, pepperoni, leftovers, cheese), rinse your fish and meat prior to cooking (as histamine-producing bacteria are on meat so rinsing it off reduces your intake), tomatoes, chocolate. A more complete list is in the book Dirty Genes and elsewhere online.
  3. Use a Histamine-Reducing Probiotic. Many people don’t realize that there are actually certain strains of bacteria which either produce histamine, balance it or eliminate histamine. Which ones do you take? It’s hard to know without doing the research. After many years of digging and trying new combinations (with many failures), I finally got a winner. ProBiota HistaminX is that histamine-reducing probiotic you need. Consider taking one or two capsules by mouth any time of day once or twice daily to start. Here comes the interesting part. In about a 1/2 ounce of filtered water (you must use filtered so you don’t kill the probiotics from chlorine), open two capsules of ProBiota HistaminX and dump them in. Mix a bit gently and then put the mix into your mouth and swish all around especially focusing on the area where your oral lichen planus is bothering you. Do this for about 30 seconds and then swallow. You may also want to try making a paste out of a capsule or two of ProBiota HistaminX and applying it directly to the area vs. swishing it around. This way the probiotics will actually have more of a chance to take hold and take up shop. Do this once or twice daily for a couple weeks as well as taking a couple capsules my mouth. You may get ProBiota HistaminX directly from Seeking Health or on Amazon.
  4. Use a DAO enzyme since you’re not making any. Remember the researchers said that the DAO gene was not producing any diamine oxidase in those struggling with lichen planus? You can take diamine oxidase directly with Histamine Block. Since this is a living enzyme, it will get destroyed by stomach acid if you swallow it without it being in its protective acid-resistant capsule. Consider opening a capsule of Histamine Block and placing the contents on the area where the lichen planus has taken up residence. This will likely help eliminate the histamine quite quickly thereby relieving the itching and irritation. You can also take a capsule of Histamine Block if you want to eat some aged meats, drink some wine, enjoy some cheese or citrus fruits. This way you can help your digestive system break down the irritating histamine instead of it absorbing and contributing to headaches, migraines, insomnia, runny nose, bloody nose, skin issues, lichen planus or irritability. You may get Histamine Block from Amazon or Seeking Health.
  5. Add an anti-inflammatory such as curcumin. Curcumin is known to help stabilize and reduce release of histamine. So by adding curcumin directly to the affected areas of oral lichen planus, you should experience tremendous benefit. Using Optimal Liposomal Curcumin should be more effective than curcumin itself as the penetration into the oral mucosa should be far superior via the liposomes. Do this before you use the ProBiota HistaminX or Histamine Bock. I’d do this first by squirting about a teaspoon or so into your mouth and letting it sit on the affected areas. Do this once or a few times daily. Do note that some people gain increased clarity and focus with curcumin so you may not want to do this before bed. Instead, use ProBiota HistaminX right before bed and make sure the powder gets right on the affected oral lichen planus areas. You may get Optimal Liposomal Curcumin from Amazon or Seeking Health.

Steps to apply the Oral Lichen Planus Treatment:

  1. Start with a squirt of Optimal Liposomal Curcumin. Cover the entire affected area and hold it there for a minimum of 3o seconds. Then swallow. Do a couple to a few times a day. Do not do within a few hours before bed as curcumin may increase focus.
  2. Use Histamine Block when you are eating or drinking histamine-containing foods or drinks.
  3. Improve your oral microbiome with ProBiota HistaminX a couple times a day by opening a capsule and dumping the full contents into your mouth and especially focusing it on the affected areas. You may want to do this after eating and definitely do it right before bed – the last thing you do. Don’t even drink water afterwards. This will allow the probiotics to adhere to your mucosal area and let’s see how awesome your mouth feels the next morning 😉

Give these a shot and share your experience below by leaving a thorough comment.

Did this work? Did it fail?

I highly suspect that these simple tricks will greatly improve your ability to overcome oral lichen planus – and keep it away!

PS. Yes, you can do the same thing with irritated skin affected by non-oral lichen planus.

You may also do the same for eczema and psoriasis.

If you do not experience success from these, there may be deeper histamine intolerance issues. This article on histamine intolerance may help you dive deeper. Do try the above steps first though before getting more involved and making it more complicated.


  1. Histamine metabolism and transport are deranged in human keratinocytes in oral lichen planus
  2. Pathogenesis of oral lichen planus – a review

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  • Shelby Kahl says:

    Hello Dr. Lynch and team, Many thanks for the great protocol and researched insight for the mysterious OLP. Look forward to following up with you on how well it does with dental patients.

  • Kerry says:

    I saw that this is noted to be helpful for eczema and psoriasis. Is that also oral? Or applied directly to affected skin?

    • Joy-Dr. Ben Lynch Team Member says:

      Hello! The above product suggestions by Dr Lynch are not intended to be applied to the skin. They are intended to be taken orally, as suggested on the bottle. Please talk to your qualified healthcare professional to determine the best products for you and the best way to take them. Seeking Health products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any condition or disease, including eczema or psoriasis. ProBiota HistaminX, Optimal Liposomal Curcumin, and Histamine Block can all support the a healthy inflammatory process and normal histamine response in the body when taken as directed.

  • Brenda Mitchell says:

    have dealt with Oral Lichen Planus for about 5 years and other than a mouthwash given by my dentist, no one seems to know what it is or what to do! Very informative and interesting article.
    Thank You!! Will definitely buy the book tomorrow!

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