Is Parkinson’s Genetic? What Causes Parkinson’s?


When looking at the research, a very small percentage of those with Parkinson’s disease actually have genes which greatly increase their risk.

That statement alone makes you wonder – What causes Parkinson’s?

Is Parkinson’s genetic? Yes, for only about 1-2% of cases.

As I explain in my book, Dirty Genes, genes are simply responding to signals which we provide them. These signals are created from food, lifestyle, mindset and the environment. If we create unhealthy signals, then we will have unhealthy genetic expression and vice versa.

Here I walk through David’s StrateGene report. David is working with leading health professionals around the world – and on his own – to improve his health.

We all have genetic polymorphisms.

We all have dirty genes.

The key is knowing which of our genes are dirty – and even more so – how to know which ones and how to clean them up.

Genes merely are listening to you.

Say the right things to them and your risk for Parkinson’s goes down – and may be even reversed.


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