Folic acid and Pregnancy

The recommendation of ‘folic acid and pregnancy’ has been around for a number of years.

It’s wrong.

The recommendation is close to being correct – but it’s wrong.

Folate and pregnancy is correct.

Folic acid and pregnancy is wrong.

Aren’t these the same thing?


Folic acid and Methylfolate are NOT the same.

  • Folic acid is not found in nature
  • Folic acid does not have a methyl group
  • Methylfolate is found in nature
  • Methylfolate does have a methyl group

Folic acid vs Methylfolate


What prenatal do I take?

You take one with folate.

You do not take one with folic acid.

I formulated Optimal Prenatal which uses two natural forms of folate:

  • Calcium folinate (aka folinic acid): supports DNA base production
  • L-Methylfolate (has many different names): supports methylation

A pregnant woman needs both forms of folate during pregnancy.

Folic acid does eventually turn into these forms of folate – but not without great difficulty and potential physiological issues (as discussed in the video above).

In short, do not take folic acid during pregnancy.

Instead, use folates which are recognized and used immediately by your body.

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  1. Hi. I just received my prenatal vitamins but didn’t realize I have to take 8 capsules a day. Am I able to open the capsules and pour them in my shakes? I know you have a shake option powder but I don’t want to lose the money I put into the pills and I’m bad at trying to swallow large pills. Also, I bought the Active B12 with L-5-MTHF. Can I take it with the prenatal? As well as the NADH-CoQ10?

    1. Post

      You can return the capsules and switch out to the prenatal protein powder. My team will help you out. I would also return the NADH + CoQ10.

      You can take the Active B12 with L-5-MTHF but I’d do it midday – after the prenatal – when you’re starting to feel tired – and take 1/2. If you get irritable or anxious, it’s too much. Be sure to take it with food.

      I’d also consider Adrenal Cortex in the morning if fatigued heavily. Only take once or twice a week in the morning with breakfast.

      1. Thank you. I already opened the bottle. If I can’t return it then I will just take them for this month and then order the power next month. I will return the NADH + CoQ10. I appreciate you taking out of your time to reply.

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