Christine Knapp Phillips


Dr. Lynch is one of few who saw a need for further research and education in the area of genomics, nutrigenomics, beyond MTHFR.

The research, education, and tools that Dr. Lynch provides has created a path for many to embark upon understanding the dynamic metabolic and biochemical pathways of our bodies, and how to optimize the way our bodies are functioning from the basics to the complex.
Unlike so many, Dr. Lynch has brought awareness to the downfalls of treating SNP’s; rather the focus is in the context of individual history, lifestyle, exposure, and symptoms.

The foundational basics of clean water, air, food, mind, and limiting stress are at the forefront of Dr. Lynch’s teachings.

I so appreciate his enthusiasm to educate not only professions in the field, but the general public as well.

Dr. Lynch’s research, education, and tools are impacting the lives and well-being of so many!!