Renee Qualls Robinson


When I had my daughter 2 years ago I knew literally nothing about MTHFR. Every single thing that her doctors recommended made her sicker and sicker. Today’s medical system seems to totally work against what our body needs and all of their well-meaning efforts were just causing more and more problems to the point that their advice almost led her to a feeding tube. I found that she and I both had some MTHFR SNPs, which led me to further research. All of which was confusing and less than helpful until I found you. After reading and reading and reading and researching on your site, I started to have somewhat of an understanding of what was going on. I began instituting what I could understand, and within weeks, most of my daughter’s issues had resolved as well as my own health improving. Two years after my finding Dr. Lynch’s site, my daughter is perfect in every way.