Food: Origins, Impact and the Missing Health Connection

Hendrikus Schraven

Hendrikus Schraven is the founder of Hendrikus Group. From the earthen fields of Holland to modern geotechnical laboratories, Hendrikus has pioneered the science and practice of soil stewardship, design and construction techniques. Hendrikus’ vision and passion is this … to heal the earth, respect nature’s wisdom, and to do so with beauty and longevity. Website:

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90% of Americans are undernourished. Why?

The foods we eat are a product of our soil, and our soil is in great danger today due to pollution, industrial farming, and other factors. Hendrikus Schraven runs Hendrikus Organics, a company devoted to nourishing and healing soil through natural, healthy techniques. Discover how Hendrikus has transformed the process of soil creation and is able to generate healthy soil in mere days. Find out how to tell if your soil is healthy. In this interview, you’ll discover:

00:01:00 How we are all interconnected

00:05:10 Where food (and health) begins

00:06:00 Sustainable soil management could produce up to 58% more food

00:06:50 Soil is teeming with life

00:07:40 Our soils are in great danger

00:26:50 The soil and water connection

00:27:30 Pesticides in our produce

00:29:00 Video – Miracle of the microcosm

00:50:00 Health and our soil – The Good

00:52:52 Making living soil in days

00:55:00 Compost tea

01:07:00 Roots – growth like you’ve never seen

00:09:09 1,000 years to produce 2 to 3 cm of soil

00:11:08 Health and our soil – The bad

00:16:15 What are chemtrails, and what are they doing?

00:21:25 Growing food shouldn’t hurt

00:23:50 90% of Americans are undernourished

01:07:50 Worms: the best employees ever

01:10:20 Photos of Hendrikus’s jobs

01:14:15 Testing for high nutrition content

01:18:53 Read your weeds

01:21:21 How to test your soil

01:29:57 Dr. Ben Lynch closing comments