• What I admire about Dr. Ben Lynch is his ability to speak his truth and to blaze trails within nutritional medicine, genes, and epigenetics.

    – Deanna Minich, PhD, author of Whole Detox

  • Dr. Ben Lynch is my go-to resource for helping people understand how to get the most from their genes.

    – Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharmacist and NY Times Bestselling author of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis



Overlay your SNPs or that of your patient’s SNPs onto the Pathway Planner using StrateGene Strategic Genetic Analysis! After two years of digging through research, Dr. Ben Lynch’s research team has identified key SNPs which are clinically relevant – and more importantly – which ones are not. You can upload raw genetic data from either 23andMe or Ancestry.

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Is StrateGene right for you?
StrateGene isn’t for everyone. Is it right for you? In this video, Dr. Ben Lynch clearly explains who, and who shouldn’t, use StrateGene.

Speed up your time evaluating genetic data immensely by using StrateGene – a Strategic Genetic Analysis tool!

With StrateGene you can quickly learn about potential issues by overlaying your SNPs or those of your patient’s onto the Pathway Planners covering the important folate, methionine, transsulfuration, biopterin, and histamine pathways.

What is StrateGene?

StrateGene is a genetic reporting tool that uses 23andMe data.

By limiting report data to well-researched SNPs, a qualified health care practitioner is able to formulate a targeted testing and treatment plan – faster.

For the last two years, Dr. Ben Lynch and his research team have analyzed SNP after SNP.

In order for the SNP to meet inclusion criteria, it had to meet these standards:

  • The SNP is found in 23andMe (current or past chips)*
  • The SNP is found in a gene that belongs to a biochemical pathway that is covered by StrateGene.
  • There is a critical mass of published research related to the SNP.
  • The SNP has potential clinical implications as determined by published research.

What does StrateGene provide?

  • SNPs identified by 23andMe.
  • Well-researched SNPs.
  • Factors which influence each SNP.
  • Description of each SNP.
  • Kinetic variation.
  • Associated conditions and symptoms according to research.

How is StrateGene laid out?

Section 1 – Overview tables of known SNPs with gene, rsid, variant name, risk allele, and genotype. In addition “GSTT1 deletion”, if detected, plus the predicted NAT2 acetylator phenotype.

Section 2 – Results for each pathway with description, SNPs overlaid onto Pathway Planners, and details on SNPs found. The gene and SNP details include influencing factors on genes, SNP kinetic impact, and potential associated symptoms and conditions.

Section 3 – A discussion of “bonus SNPs”. These are SNPs for which there is not yet Pathway Planner graphics available, but which the research team wanted to include for added value.

Genes Evaluated by StrateGene

The SNPs analyzed and reported by Ancestry are different from those available from the most up-to-date version of 23andMe.

Key differences:

  • You get MAOA, MAOB, and DAO included with Ancestry V2 (not included on 23andMe-based StrateGene reports). These are “Super Seven” Genes!
  • You get a total of 2 more RSID#’s analyzed with Ancestry V2 than with 23andMe.

See below for more detail on which polymorphisms are analyzed by each option.

SNP RSID 23andMe (prior to August 2017) 23andMe V5 (after August 2017) AncestryDNA V2 (after May 2016)
SLC19a1 rs1051266
MTHFD1 rs2236225
MTHFR rs1801131
MTHFR rs1801133
MTRR rs1801394
MTRR rs1532268
MAT1A rs72558181
CBS rs28934891
CBS rs4920037
CBS rs234706
SOD2 rs4880
SOD3 rs1799895
GSTP1 rs1695
GSTP1 rs1138272
G6PD rs1050828
G6PD rs1050829
G6PD rs5030868
GPX1 rs1050450
NOS3/eNOS rs1800783
NOS3/eNOS rs1800779
SULT1A1 i6018900
MAOA rs1137070
MAOB rs1799836
COMT rs4680
COMT rs4633
AOC1 (DAO) rs10156191
BCO1 rs12934922
BCO1 rs7501331
BCO1 (PKD1L2) rs6420424
BCO1 rs11645428
BCO1 rs6564851
FUT2 rs601338
NQO1 rs1800566
HFE rs1800562
HFE rs1799945
HFE i3002468/rs1800730
PEMT rs7946
FADS1 (MYRF) rs174537
FADS1 rs174548
FADS2 rs1535
TNF-alpha rs1800629
LRRK2 rs34637584
VDR rs2228570
VDR rs731236
VDR rs1544410
APOE rs7412
APOE rs429358

Should I order 23andMe still?

If you have not yet run 23andMe, you may still benefit from it if you are ok with not having the above SNPs in your results. It is still a good value for $99.

Who may order StrateGene?

Both health professionals and the general public may order StrateGene – Strategic Genetic Analysis.

If you are a patient, we recommend using the Physician Directory to receive advice with regard to how to use the information in the StrateGene report.

Key Resources to Help You Use StrateGene

  •  How to Use StrateGene – a key video to watch first.
  •  Private StrateGene Facebook Group – support yourself by interacting with other StrateGene users. Dr. Ben Lynch will be answering questions here via Facebook Live video twice a month!
  •  How to Treat SNPs – a key video on how to approach SNPs.
  •  What is Methylation? – a key pathway in the human body which does a ton of stuff.
  •  Practical Application of Methylation and Epigenetics – this conference presentation by Dr. Ben Lynch received rare100% approval rating. This combined with your StrateGene report will take you to the next level.
  •  Directory – find a health professional near you who understands how to use StrateGene. Health professionals here have received training from Dr. Ben Lynch in methylation, genetic polymorphisms and epigenetics.

If you’re a health professional, we recommend taking advantage of the professional membership for further clinical support, including:

  • Past and current webinars which feature case studies and practical clinical information.
  • Discounts to conferences and online courses.
  • Listing in the health professional directory (after completing online courses or attending an annual conference).
  • Over 14 hours of conferences presented by Dr. Ben Lynch for no additional charge.


The security and privacy of your genetic data is of the utmost importance to Seeking Health. After you upload your raw data via an encrypted web session, it is immediately stripped of personally identifiable information. The anonymous “code name” you choose is used instead of your personal information to connect you with your StrateGene report.

During processing, the SNP data needed for the StrateGene analysis is extracted, and the 23andme file is deleted completely. The extracted SNP data is not stored with any personally identifiable information, but may be retained for statistical analysis.

As an added layer of protection, your finished StrateGene report is only accessible for a short time before the file is deleted. That is why it is so important for you to download and save your file to a secure location on your own computer right away once it is ready.