How to Identify, Manage, and Thrive with Histamine Intolerance

Yasmina Ykelenstam

Yasmina Ykelenstam is a health journalist with with over 10 years research and international news production experience for 60 Minutes, CNN and the BBC. After 20 years of being misdiagnosed with everything from multiple sclerosis to leukemia to lyme disease, she eventually discovered that histamine intolerance was at the root of her symptoms. Since then, she’s been teaching people how to figure out if histamine is the cause of their symptoms and how to cure their symptoms by fixing their histamine intolerance. Yasmina’s website is

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Histamine Intolerance is difficult to diagnose and can result in a long list of confusing symptoms. Lifestyle factors, including stress, may contribute to poor health. Discover the symptoms of histamine intolerance, how to tackle the condition, and find the best doctor. In this interview, you’ll discover:

0:00 Introducing Yasmina and her story of pain and struggling. You can beat it!

3:42 How histamine can impact your Immune system

5:35 The cycle of misdiagnosis

7:45 How histamine works to cause inflammation

8:20 Histamine is beneficial to us

11:15 Allergy testing

13:30 Immune system confusion

14:45 1 in 6 Americans have Mast Cell Activation

16:30 How Yasmina was finally diagnosed with histamine intolerance

18:45 The problem with most testing

20:04 The right testing to get

21:01 Side effects of food elimination

23:10 Can you use blood histamine as a marker of methylation?

23:45 What is Mast Cell testing?

24:25 What is N-methylhistamine?

25:25 Best type of doctor for diagnosing histamine intolerance

30:00 Dietary changes can help your symptoms

31:24 The “Inflammation Bucket” concept

35:00 Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance

38:00 Why Histamine Intolerance symptoms can be confusing

39:00 The role of inflammation in depression and anxiety

41:15 EMF sensitivity

44:20 How to Tackle Your Histamine Intolerance

49:22 The #1 key to taking charge of your health

51:00 Why you must tackle your stress

53:00 Choosing the right supplements and probiotics

58:35 Recap

59:30 Resources from Yasmina

Final message from Yasmina