Q&A on Methylation & Nutrigenomics 8/6/15


Methylation questions? In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses health professional and general public submitted questions on the practical application of methylation and nutrigenomics. In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses everything from ketogenics to gene translation services!

Key takeaways according to attendees –

  • Not to lose sight of the forest (breathing, sleeping, my environment, consumption habits) for the trees (SNPs)
  • Not to focus on one snp– learn more before treating with methylfolate only.
  • The “why” behind hydroxycobalamin working for some people and not others. The “why” of over methylation. Methylation and neurotransmitter production. .
  • Implications of polymorphisms of CTH enzyme and use of B6 as cofactor…. Theory of methylation and acetylation in the expression of DNA transcription

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