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23andMe v5 Chip: What You Need to Know

If there is one thing constant in life, it’s change. 23andMe has a new version 5 chip which has the genetic reporting industry all up in arms. Here are some common questions along with answers. Note that 23andMe may change how things are done at any time thereby rendering this entire article irrelevant. Does 23andMe… View Article

Frustrated by Genetic Testing? Me Too.

Genetic testing is scary, frustrating, time-sucking and expensive. The first time I ran I got my genetic testing report back, my heart sank. Fear ran down my spine and gave me a sick feeling in my gut which lasted for hours. Ok. Days. When I got my genetic testing report back, I immediately looked for… View Article

StrateGene Q&A Webinar

 StrateGene Q&A Webinar from SHEI on Vimeo. Find out if the genetic reporting tool, StrateGene is right for you! #genetics @drbenlynch Key takeaways according to attendees –  Was helpful to learn about folinic acid & methyl folate & what to use each for The high homocysteine levels and pathways well explained! Loved the explanation… View Article