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Low Homocysteine? Not Good.

What do you think of when you hear the word – homocysteine? Bad. Cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure. Toxic. Lower the better. I am challenging this thinking right now. When I think of homocysteine, I think of this: The body has to make homocysteine. It’s an important building block for two very important compounds in… View Article

Methyl Group, Methylation, Methyl Trapping: What Are They?

There is a lot of confusion around ‘methyl group’, ‘methyl donor’, ‘methylation’. I’ve created a quick cheat sheet here for you.   Methyl group: Carbon + 3 hydrogens (CH3) Methyl donor: a substance that is capable of donating a methyl group to another compound. Simply because something has a ‘methyl group’ does not mean it… View Article

Q&A on Methylation & Nutrigenomics 8/6/15

 Methylation questions? In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses health professional and general public submitted questions on the practical application of methylation and nutrigenomics. In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses everything from ketogenics to gene translation services! Key takeaways according to attendees – Not to lose sight of the forest (breathing, sleeping, my environment, consumption… View Article