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Folic acid and Pregnancy

The recommendation of ‘folic acid and pregnancy’ has been around for a number of years. It’s wrong. The recommendation is close to being correct – but it’s wrong. Folate and pregnancy is correct. Folic acid and pregnancy is wrong. Aren’t these the same thing? NO. Folic acid and Methylfolate are NOT the same. Folic acid… View Article

Miscarriages and Birth Defect Prevention with Niacin? Careful

What you see is not always a linear relationship. I get it. Research is tough. There has to be isolated variables and a singular target in order to see and make some connection between intervention and outcome. However, the human body, and life in general, is not a set of isolated variables and singular targets…. View Article

Folic acid and Pregnancy

Folic acid during pregnancy is commonly recommended. Dr Lynch has done the research and understands why folic acid should not be used during pregnancy. Folic acid is recommended during pregnancy to reduce neural tube defects. However, neural tube defects are not caused by a folic acid deficiency. Why are we supporting pregnancy with folic acid… View Article